Yesterday, Club Baloncesto Leganés and Femenino Humanes ratified the agreement by which both teams will work for the promotion of Women’s Basketball in their respective cities.

In this way, work will be done to improve the situation of women’s basketball with a different style and approach that allows the players monitored by both entities to enjoy programs and activities for technical-tactical and physical improvement.

For María Martín, General Director of Baloncesto Leganés, “the agreements in which the benefit is for the players and basketball are always positive. With Femenino Humanes, a path begins in which the work of both entities will help the growth of women’s basketball in both Clubs ”.

In the words of the Technical Directors of each Club, for Javier Fort, Technical Director of the Leganés Women’s Basketball Section, “the agreement means increasing the area of ??influence of CB Leganes and being able to promote women’s basketball in both clubs.”

For Sergio Hidalgo, Technical Director of Femenino Humanes, this agreement represents “a great boost for women’s basketball in the southern area of ??Madrid. Sharing this enthusiasm and desire to work with Leganés will allow us to develop the full potential of our clubs ”.


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