The Catalan player has made his retirement public through an emotional letter released today by the website

A correct decision. Thank you very much basketball.


To all of you who at some point in my life have coincided with me thanks to basketball, on and off the court, I want to inform you that today I decide to hang up my boots after 19 years in FEB categories and two in Germany.

There are many of you who have been by my side at some point, and although it was a fleeting moment, you have contributed a lot to me and I will always take you with me.

I am a person who immediately takes affection and could spend hours naming all of you one by one to thank you, but those of you who know me, know that I love you and I carry you in my heart.

It has been a magical journey from which I take countless wonderful anecdotes that have helped me grow as a person and a player. The best thing about this farewell is that it does not mean more than a point and followed since I will have the opportunity to continue being linked to this sport from another perspective.

Years ago I did not see myself as a trainer of boys and girls, but I have discovered that it is my vocation. I am going to fulfill the dream of transmitting the basketball that I carry within and the values ??that it implies, at least those that have served me in my professional career.

Closing this stage as a player does not mean that I will not return to the courts accompanied by my wife and my son to play a pachanga, since “the bug” will always be there. I am very lucky that my family shares my passion and I am sure that we will throw a game or some shots in a park.

A huge hug and a thousand kisses to all the people who have always given me your love without asking for anything in return.

Basketball equals family, at least that’s how it is in mine.

And speaking of family, you are going to allow me to do so: my parents, my sister and my brother. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, for always pushing me to keep playing, even when I once thought to quit. Now 39 years old, I tell you that without you I would not have been able to live this wonderful experience. Thank you for so much unconditional love and so much passion. Your support has always been the engine to continue season after season. Us stimulated molt.

I wait for you all in Berlin.

Quique Garrido Foz

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