ANDl Lenovo Tenerife beat BAXI Manresas (94-83) and sealed their qualification for the playoffs with a three-pointer (17/31) in a match reminiscent of the Final Four of the FIBA ??Champions, a competition that both will play starting on next Friday in Bilbao and in which they could face each other in the final if they overcome the Israeli Hapoel Holon and the German MHP Riesen, respectively, in the semifinals.


The people from Tenerife laid the foundations for victory in an extraordinary first quarter (30-25, min 10) in which they imposed their tremendous success from the perimeter, with 8/9 triples. Salin (5/6 t3) launched his team with 15 points and Doornekamp seconded him with 3/3 t3 with Fitipaldo at the controls (3+6). It was difficult to compete against so much success, but BAXI Manresa, who had three of their point guards out (Dani Pérez, Sylvain Francisco and Dani García), did so thanks to Moneke and Thomasson.

Wilter joins the triplista festival

In the second act, Wiltjer took over in attack from Salin and Doornekamp, ??scoring 13 consecutive points to take Lenovo to its maximum lead of the match (54-40, min 20). However, after the break, Manresa pressed much harder in defense and it was night for Tenerife, conceding a 2-15 run that put Pedro Martínez’s men back in the game (60-55, min 27) with prominence offensive by Moneke, Thomasson and Valtonen.


At that critical moment, the aim of the locals appeared again. The triples by Wiltjer and Sastre unblocked their team, which reached the last quarter maintaining a good cushion of difference thanks to that aim and free throws, 10/11 in a third act that was dominated almost from start to finish by Manresa ( 72-61).

A great Moneke (25+12+4) leads a sterile reaction

Pedro Martínez’s men tried again to come back (82-75, min 36) throwing themselves into the arms of a great Moneke (25+12+4 and a PIR of 43), but the people from Tenerife did not shake their pulse and with a good hand by Huertas and two three-pointers by Doornekamp, ??one by Fitipaldo and another by Wiltjer (5/7) closed the game (90-79, min 39) and also surpassed the ‘basketaverage’ (+2 in the first leg) Manresans.

Data sheet:

94.Lenovo Tenerife (30+24+18+22). Huertas (10), Salin (18), Rodríguez (-), Doornekamp (17), Shermadini (7) -initial-, Fitipaldo (8), Sastre (7), Wiltjer (19), Guerra (8), Sulejmanovic ( -) and Borg (-).

83 Baxi Manresa (25+15+21+22). Naspler (5), Thomanson (16), Moneke (25), Valtonen (12), Sima (4) -initial-, Martínez (4), Bako (5), Vaulet (6), Steinberg (-) and Maye ( 6)

Referees: Aliaga, Martinez and Olivares.

Incidents: Match played at the Santiago Martín Sports Pavilion, before some four thousand eight hundred people.