“The situation is screwed up”, admits Pablo Laso no ambiguity Perhaps the worst since in 2011 he came to the bench of the Real Madrid. In over a decade of hits, this moment so low It would only be comparable to the summer of 2014, when he had one foot out of the club…before winning it all the following year. It is as if the current team, unrecognizable, a dementor would have robbed him of the joy of yesteryear. She seems soulless.

the of the Bitci Baskonia was the fourth consecutive loss at home in the Endesa League. The never seen in Madrid, once invincible in the Palace. He has lost six of the last nine meetings, which suggests that It’s not just a losing streak. The accumulation of matches and exhaustion served as an alibi a few weeks ago but, after the Copa del Reythe whites had only faced one duel, the painful defeat against Zalgiris. They arrived against the Baskonia team after 10 days without playing. Batteries charged or dead, the result was the same.

Until January 23, Madrid’s balance was 34-4. Was leader in both the Euroleague and the Endesa League and had won the Super Cup in the wake of the season. She praised the muscle of him, his intensity behind and a innate competitiveness of the team since Laso arrived. they guessed him deficiencies in the direction and in the triple, but it was compensating them. Now the group has fallen and the weaknesses are more accentuated. He has great moments in defense, like in the first part of the Cup final, but In addition to preventing baskets, you have to put them.

With stickers that seem repeated and a clear talent deficitsuffers from a serious offensive block. Missing outside generators of points and game. Heurtel He is the one who stands out the most in it and is usually a coin toss. He was missing in the loss to the Fenerbahce and Madrid scored 51 points. He didn’t play either. Kaunas and the team stayed 47, his worst record in the Euroleague. But with him there have also been recent bad days: 59 in the Cup final, 68 in another Clásico or 72 against Baskonia this Sunday with 24 points from free throws.

Serious problems in the base position

The problem in the address is aggravated by verifying that the Heurtel spare parts do not work. Williams-Gossbecause we are already in March, it hasn’t fit in and doesn’t look like it will. He seems outmatched…and he has one year left on his contract. TO alocenpersecuted by injuries, has lacked continuity to demonstrate the quality he possesses. Llull It hasn’t been close to its best version for a long time and mandarins are becoming scarcer. AND abalde he cannot exercise what he is not in spite of the fact that he tries. Normal that the hook has been thrown to Larkin or messages are frequently sent to Campazzo. It is necessary to shake the tree of the bases as soon as possible.

The other big problem for Madrid is the outside shot. Given the lack of fluency in attack, the triple ends up being abused and many are forced. In this streak it has become clear: a triple against Zalgiris with a 6% success ratetwo against Barcelona (9%), four in another Clásico (17%) and against Baskonia (17%) and six against Fenerbahce (20%). Ridiculous figures for a team that not long ago had gunpowder from the perimeter. Much of it, in the hands of Carroll.

Carroll: making honey and taking care of cows… but on the web

His presence would not have solved all the problems, but it is impossible not to remember him if one enters the club’s official website and sees him in a photomontage as if he were one of the squad while he is really making honey and taking care of his cows. Some youth squad asked for number 20 in the preseason and they told him it was busy, that it belonged to Jaycee. Or they were thinking of withdrawing it, and it seems complicated because it was only done with Fernando Martin’s 10or someone was waiting for him to come back. Anyway, lousy management of your case.

To all this is added the slump that basic pieces have given at the beginning of the course, Poirier and Yabusele. roll to Thompson and Randolph, fresh out of two injuries, has hurt because neither of them is fine. He is especially concerned about the second because of his character, given the dispersion in the games, and also with a pending contract year. So, from the very powerful internal game that threatened Europe only Tavares maintains the level. He has only won a few games. Without the colossus, the situation would be even worse and, as Laso says, “it’s screwed up”.

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