She has been one of the players most applauded and respected by the different visiting hobbies throughout her 15 season trips and, therefore, it is not surprising that Irati Etxarri has been proclaimed the best power forward of the season counting with wide popular support.

The “Etxarrimo” seems to have become fashionable in a LF Endesa that saw Irati Etxarri make his debut a few seasons ago and that has definitively established himself this year in the ranks of Cadí La Seu. Because, about to turn 24, the player from Pamplona is already a reality in a competition in which she left behind her promising status a long time ago.

A versatile piece within Bernat Canut’s game schemes and who has become strong in that position of four from which he has contributed solidity to the team’s internal game. Because whether in defense or attack, his game is born from the heart of a player who can never be reproached for a single attitude and dedication to the team.

Quite a leader for a team that has taken advantage of its inertia to grow in a competition in which they reached the Queen’s Cup as seeded in the draw and in which they have already reached the Playoffs for the title in which they will try to reach for the next few weeks as far as possible.

And all this without forgetting the main consequence that Irati’s growth has had during this course with his debut with the Spanish National Team shirt last November. Therefore, a well-deserved award for a player who will mark a before and after in the competition.

Word of Irati Etxarri:

Balance of the season: “I wanted to thank all those who had something to do with my being named the best power forward of the LF Endesa. I am very happy and very grateful and for that my thanks to all of you who have voted, both anonymous people and coaches and captains. I also want to congratulate Vega and Leia as teammates who have shared this candidacy with me and thank my family and my club, Cadí La Seu, for their support for always believing in me, both this year and in the former”.

Ideal quintets of the season:

Ideal Quintet: J.1 / J.4 / J.5 / J.11 / J.15

MVP: J.1 / J.15

season stats
– Irati Etxarri:

Games played: 27
Minutes: 29.45
Points: 13.7
Rebounds: 8.3
Assists: 1.1
Recoveries: 1.5
Plugs: 0.1
Fouls received: 2.9
Rating: 16

sports career – Irati Etxarri:

Cat. Formation: CB Outwitted
2014/16: CBD Cantolagua (Junior)
2016/18: Lacturale Art Araski (LF Endesa)
2018/22: Cadí La Seu (LF Endesa)