The Male Selection He returns to the pitch this November, on the occasion of his first two qualifying matches for the 2023 World Cup, and he will do so with an exceptional addition: that of the former international Carlos Jimenez, who from this appointment assumes the position of Team Team Manager.

Carlos Jiménez is one of the most historic Spanish internationals. Undisputed in the National Team between 1997 and 2008, he played a total of 170 games with the Spain shirt, in recent years as captain, and participated in the conquest of 6 medals: Eurobasket 1999 (silver), 2001 (bronze) , 2003 (silver) and 2007 (silver), 2008 Olympic Games (silver) and 2006 World Cup (gold). He put an end to his career after the end of the 2008 Olympic Games.

Previously, Jiménez was also international in training categories in a total of 23 official matches: with the U18 he won the bronze medal in the 1994 European Championship with the U19 also the bronze medal in the 1995 World Cup. of the team that participated in the 1997 World Cup.

Thirteen years after his last match with the National Team, he rejoins the team, now with functions of coordinating players-FEB, with whom he will maintain permanent contact throughout the season, and as head of expedition for the National Team. In what will be his debut as Team Manager of the National Team, Spain will play its first match in Skopje against North Macedonia on Friday 26, and the second against Georgia on Monday 29 in Jaén.

Jorge Garbajosa: “A leap in quality in the structure of the National Team”

The president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, values ??that “The incorporation of a Team Manager represents another leap in quality in the professional structure of the Men’s National Team, and that it is in the person of Carlos Jiménez represents a double guarantee: for his experience and for his knowledge of the idiosyncrasy of the team, of which he was until not so long ago one of its most relevant members”. For Garbajosa, “The liaison and representation role that Carlos is going to assume will undoubtedly help manage the day-to-day running of the National Team from its organizational aspect, both in the Ventanas calendar and in the championships each summer. We are very happy that he is returning to FEB and that he has never ceased to be his team, we are convinced that his contribution in this new position will be as decisive as it was on the track.”.

Carlos Jiménez: “Help as much as possible and contribute my experience”

For his part, the new Team Manager of the National Team ensures that “It represents returning to a house from which you never leave because you are always part of the National Team, as the term Family is now used for all that it represents.”. Carlos Jiménez shows himself “happy for the opportunity and for the trust that is placed in me, and my contribution will be in line with what my participation has always been, not only in the Senior Selection but also in training: to help as much as possible and contribute my experience for the good of the team”.