Jorge Garbajosa has been the protagonist of the Sports Breakfasts organized by Europa Press under the title “The challenge of a unique summer”. A meeting that was also attended by the President of the COE, Alexander White, presidents of sports federations, and representatives of clubs and institutions.

The President of the FEB has started by reviewing a year marked by COVID and has thanked the work of all levels of basketball to ensure that “this terrifying crisis also becomes an opportunity to reinvent ourselves and come out stronger.”
A crisis in which the Spanish Basketball Federation decided to bet on hosting, in addition to the group stage of the Valencia Women’s EuroBasket, the final phase of the championship: “I personally defended against FIBA ??Europe not to postpone the celebration of EuroBasekt because from the beginning we considered that the return to normalcy necessarily happened by the return of the competition, and we wanted the first major international event of basketball was this championship. But, above all, that bet was an act of justice with our women’s basketball ”.

FEB will experience the most challenging summer in its history, where for the first time an Absolute Selection, the Women’s, will have two international championships, the EuroBasket and the Olympic Games, which will also be joined by the Men’s National Team ”.

Garbajosa has also announced that lThe Men’s National Team will play the USA on July 18 in Las Vegas, just a few days after the opening of the Tokyo Olympic Games: “When our colleagues from the American Basketball Federation called me to express their interest in having our National Team participate in the Las Vegas bubble, in their words I was able to return the evidence of what our name represents: a team that makes the tournaments to which it is invited bigger. This is the best match that world basketball can program, the match between numbers 1 and 2 of the FIBA ??World Ranking”.

Garbajosa stressed that “the summer of 2021 will be remembered for the confluence of the two jewels in the crown of Spanish basketball” and has announced that The #LaFamilia hashtag will identify not only the male team but also the female team: “We are #LaFamilia and we are beyond gender and that is why from July the two sets will become one digital only.”

A confluence that will also be seen during the preparation for the Tokyo Games, where, for the first time in history, the two teams will come together to play a double game against France, first in Malaga and two days later in Madrid: “An appointment the only one that was very easy to establish for the Spanish and French Federations because it reflects the quality balance of women’s basketball that we were pursuing and that will serve to make visible the equality policy that we have developed in the FEB in recent years ”.

A “unique summer” for Spanish basketball “which, according to Jorge Garbajosa, will involve an investment of 8 million euros, almost a third of the Federation’s annual budget., 22 million euros: “The organization of EuroBasket in Valencia represents an investment of 3 million euros. Around 900 people will work in the competition and we will carry out around 2,600 COVID tests. Figures that reach their full meaning when it is understood that our aim is to bring the best women’s team in the history of Spanish sport to its public ”.