Nor it would be nothing good to reveal here the content of several conversations with Alex Mumbrú throughout this season. But at least I can count the tone with which the coach of the RETAbet Bilbao Básket. “We have to keep fighting”, “we are going to try until the end”, “there is no choice but to give up our lives”, “I have a broken team, but I go out to win with the ones I have”.

This was his speech while the defeats, the positive cases for coronavirus, and the injuries in the context of a short and limited staff, made with humility and few euros, made for a trip with a couple of coordinates: miracle or descent. Mumbru he designed plays on the board while he wanted to instill the word feat. He did it in the silence of a Peephole empty. Like all the pavilions, of course, but in Bilbao the fans really play.

Alex He never gave up to carry out a continuous endurance exercise in which he denied himself, and his team, what fate seemed to bring. The prize has been the permanence winning the last three games that he had to win. Keep growing as a coach. This is not worth a title, but in your history it will remain as a great achievement: saved an entire club.