ANDObradoiro broke his losing streak of away results and added his tenth victory of the season at the expense of Hereda San Pablo Burgos (77-82) at the Coliseum, in a transcendental duel that fuels the hopes of the visitors.

San Pablo was not successful in the final minutes and will have to fight away from the Coliseum despite the great game of its captain Vitor Benite who finished with twenty-one points.

Defensive intensity was lacking at Hereda San Pablo Burgos, especially on the rebound, and that gave Monbus Obradoiro many second chances (2-11). Only Jarrell Eddie saw the basket for the Burgos (7-13), while Robertson combined perfectly with Birutis until San Pablo began to improve their percentages in the outside shot to balance the match (18-19).

The second quarter began with a five-point play in favor of the Galician team, followed by another 5-0 run that kept Burgos in the game, although Paco Olmos’ men did not have good percentages in 2-point shots and missed many free throws. In addition, they had to be used in defense so that the defeat did not go to Obradoiro’s side.

With Nikolic in charge, the Blues began to find the game more clearly and after a timeout, San Pablo woke up, took the lead for the first time in the entire game but a triple by Phillip Scrub at the stroke of half-time gave him again a slight advantage to those of Moncho Fernández.

Birutis’s presence was once again decisive. With him on the field, Obradoiro found another game in the paint but in front of him was Benite who put the team on his back and with two consecutive triples, he roused the locals who tried to break the score with a partial 11-0 (51-44).

That good moment in Burgos coincided with the worst minutes of Obra, where only Vicedo did damage, but San Pablo again began to fail and Obradoiro tied the game and with more success than work he finished ahead with a distant triple at the buzzer (56- 57).

In the last quarter the needs of both teams were seen, they were used in attack and with exchanges of baskets waiting for the rival’s decision, they reached the last 5 minutes, with an Eddie protagonist from the first triple and with a penetration to the basket later ( 71-66). But Ellenson’s entry gave an extra life to the Galicians who first tied the game and then went back to the lead with 1:15 to go (75-77).

An attacking foul by Burgos was decisive for Obradoiro to win a decisive game.

Data sheet:

77 – Inherits San Pablo Burgos (18+16+22+21): Benite (21), Díaz (0), Eddie (22), Renfroe (3) and Nnoko (4) -starting five – Queeley (-), Nikolic (8), Salash (1), Phillip (3), Rabaseda ( 9), Garcia (-) and Gamble (6).

82 – Monbus Obradoiro (19+17+21+25): Vicedo (11), T.Scrub (9), Hobbs (8), Birutis (16) and Robertson (5) – starting five – Okouo (2), Zurbriggen (5), Ellenson (9), Beliauskas (2), P.Scrub (13), Muñoz (0) and Suarez (2).

Referees: Antonio Conde, Juan de Dios Oyón, Raúl Zamorano.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 29 of the Endesa League played at the Coliseum Burgos in front of 9,197 spectators.