It is not easy to try to intuit in advance the name of that team that will end up taking the title of champion in the LEB Gold League and, therefore, with the ascent to Endesa League.

And much less having to do it when there is still something more than four months of competition, but the history of the LEB already throws some clues about which team could get to conquer the scepter back in the month of May.

Because, during these last years, that team that managed to cross the change of year in the first position of the leaderboard he was able to maintain his initial dominance until the last day of competition. A fact that has been repeated step by step throughout the last six seasons to reward the work of teams such as the Cheeses Cerrato Palencia or the Real Betis and even of Acunsa Gipuzkoa and the Breogán River in duplicate.

Although these six champions are by no means an isolated event since, if we put aside the historic qualifying comeback of the Ford Burgos by Andreu Casadevall in the 2014/15 campaign, up to a total of 9 teams have been able to comply with this maxim throughout the last decade.

Or what is the same, who comes to the first day of the new year as leader, ends up conquering direct promotion as league champion.

Will history repeat itself in a 2022 still pending protagonist?

With this background, it could be relatively easy to try to solve the great equation of this course, but the particularities of this 2022 have meant that we have to wait a few days to know the name of the team that could be eligible to defend that premise.

Because the postponement of different meetings over the last few weeks – on the occasion of Covid-19 – has postponed the crowning of a leader that we will meet throughout this month of January with the dispute over postponed duels.

Of course, knowing that at the moment only three teams will be able to choose to be the first classified of the 14 days played to date.

Covirán Granada: They add a total of 10 wins that have allowed Pablo Pin’s team to be able to cross from one year to the next as leaders of the category, but with the handicap of having one more match than their most direct rivals in the fight for first place. . For this reason, the Nasrid team would have one last bullet left in the chamber, the duel that they will have to play against HLA Alicante. In this way, the Andalusian team will have to win and wait for results since it would not depend solely on its own numbers to be able to reach first place once the first 14 days are completed. If this happened, Granada would dream of a promotion again.

Movistar Students:
They have served as leaders of the category for much of the championship and remained in that position until the last day due to the postponement of their last two rounds. Some numbers that make Movistar Estudiantes depend solely on itself since two wins in these duels against Acunsa Gipuzkoa and Huesca La Magia would return Jota Cuspinera’s team to first place. And, in that case, Madrid would choose to be able to fight for their long-awaited promotion knowing that a high percentage of probabilities, according to history, would be on their side again.

ICG Força Lleida: Being one of the pleasant surprises of this start of the competition, the team from ilerdense has added 9 wins in 12 games, which has allowed Gerard Find’s team to settle at the top of the table. In this way, by having two postponed games, the Catalan team could reach that first place in case of adding two victories against EasyCharger Palencia and Bàsquet Girona. Of course, always pending the results of their predecessors in the table and those who have a triumph of advantage over them.

LEB Oro: The champions who marked territory
Temp. Team Balance % Wins Dif. + / – Classify
2021/22 Covirán Granada *
Movistar Students **
ICG Força Lleida *
10 – 3
10 – 2
9 – 3
+ 107
+ 98
+ 24
2020/21 Breogán River 9 – 1 90% +107 1st
2019/20 Delteco Gipuzkoa *** 12 – 3 80% + 119 1st
2018/19 Real Betis Energía Plus 14 – 2 82% + 180 1st
2017/18 Cafes Candelas Breogán 15 – 2 88% + 223 1st
2016/17 GBC 13 – 5 72% + 81 1st
2015/16 Cheeses Cerrato Palencia 14 – 2 82% 165 1st
2014/15 Ford Burgos 9 – 6 60% + 130 7th
2013/14 River Andorra 11 – 3 79% + 192 1st
2012/13 Ford Burgos 11 – 2 85% + 157 1st
2011/12 Iberostar Canary Islands 14 – 3 82% + 291 1st
2010/11 CB Murcia 14 – 3 82% + 151 2nd
2009/10 CAI Zaragoza 13 – 4 76% + 136 3rd
2008/09 CB Valladolid 11 – 4 73% + 69 3rd
2007/08 CAI Zaragoza 13 – 2 87% + 250 1st
* Team with a postponed match
** Team with two games postponed
*** Season without champion due to cancellation after Covid-19