ANDThis Saturday the 2021-22 season officially kicks off. The Endesa de Tenerife Super Cup will crown the first champion of the course, with four category contenders: Barça, Real Madrid, Lenovo Tenerife and Valencia Basket.

In addition, on Sunday we will also meet the first MVP Movistar, in whose election the opinion of the fans is crucial. A 50% weight in the choice of the best player falls on the popular vote, which will be registered in its entirety through the official application of the acb. Voting will start at 6:30 p.m. (5:30 p.m., Canary Islands time) on Sunday, the start time of the final, and will remain open until the title match ends.

The MVP Movistar of the Endesa Super Cup can only belong to the champion team.

How to choose the MVP Movistar of the Endesa Super Cup?

Open the official acb app or download it if you don’t have it yet.

In the ‘Latest’ section, click on the main content: MVP Movistar de la Su-percopa Endesa.

Choose a player from each of the finalists and save your choice.

Only one vote per device will be allowed.

The other 50% of weight in the election corresponds to the media accredited for the Endesa Super Cup and the Movistar + broadcasting team, which will also cast their votes during the final.

Luxury aspirants

A year ago, the Argentine Facu Campazzo was the MVP Movistar of the 2020 Endesa Super Cup, also played in Tenerife. There are three participants in this edition who have already won this award: Sergio Llull (2014 and 2015), Kyle Kuric (2016) and Rudy Fernández (2012).

Will they be able to repeat or will we have a new winner?

It should be remembered that in this Endesa Super Cup there will be the current MVP Movistar of the regular league Gio Shermadini and that of the Final Playoff, Nikola Mirotic. You cannot lose sight of either Cory Higgins (Barça), Edy Tavares (Real Madrid), Marcelinho Huertas (Lenovo Tenerife) and Jasiel Rivero (Valencia Basket), all selected for the Best Quintets of the last Endesa League.