LBequeathed to this point one can feel the feeling. They are many years crossing the Atlantic to see Pau Gasol on the NBA courts, from Memphis to Chicago through Los Angeles, San Antonio, the cities of the All Star … I am not complaining, the other way around, it was a privilege. Pau is so special that you have to experience it. Now, 20 years laterWe will have him around here, in the Endesa League, in our basketball, which again gives us reason to think that he is wonderful.


We are in a pandemic. The games are behind closed doors. We can hardly enjoy it. Not even fire him, something he also deserves Felipe Reyes, another unrepeatable, emblematic player from an anthological generation. These players removed the complexes from Spanish sport, especially the national teams, almost always confused at the deadly crossroads of major competitions: some led to medals and others to failure. With Pau, Navarro, Felipe, Raúl and Calderón, and his heirs, we made victory a habit, we always find the shortcut to glory.

Pau he made us very happy every summer with the selection. Then in the NBA, in the winters, we lost hours of sleep and some planes, we saw him with rings, with the greats, competing in a basketball that always seemed alien to us, the Moon, until he arrived and brought it closer to us. He became the little brother of Kobe, in the older brother of others, and in a reference of leadership and commitment, a necessary, transcendental player.

In the ACB we hardly saw him. The legend was built in America after 1,362 NBA games. In the Endesa League he barely played 81. On June 21, 2001 he was fired forever.

Nothing is forever.

He’s back. He has come home. Will shine again the Barça shirt with the 16. It is a dream for several generations of fans, who could see him play on a field, after staying up all night, after savoring him from time to time in the ÑBA friendlies. His career is so extraordinary that to match his greatness, fans should return to the stands, if only to tell him THANK YOU. Not all, of course. Little by little, a small, but large representation of each ACB team, following the restrictions, duly protected.

Pau, who faces his last games while draining the dream of Tokyo, that so elevated our basketball, that it put the two baskets in the foreground, that made us happy and proud, capable of anything, Pau, this ‘monster’ who has come to see us in the twilight of his playing days, a An athlete we will never forget, he should receive a standing ovation wherever he plays. He is not a hero of silence nor should he say goodbye between empty seats. Myths are not extinguished like this …

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