As happened in Melilla, Italy proposed a very tough match with a very aggressive defense planned to hinder the offensive ease of the Spanish team. The family He gave the first blow of the match with an initial run of 5-14 carved out thanks to the good performance of the connections between interiors.

It was during the second quarter, when the rival hindered the National Team’s attack. With a three-pointer from Madera, Italy made it 8-14, which lasted almost five minutes of play. The ease in the game came after a triple of Mary Count (8-17), which served to unblock and find some fluidity through the points of Maite Cazorla, Maria Araujo and Leo Rodriguez (14-25).

After passing through the changing rooms, the game became a tug-of-war in which Spain managed to maintain superiority but not if used thoroughly for it. Cazorla He opened the account by breaking the rival defense with a good layup (14-27) and Italy responded with a small run of 4-0 (18-27).

Conde hit again from the perimeter to make it 18-30 and was accompanied by a Rachel Carrera unstoppable under hoops (20-34). with a basket of Queralt Houses and a triple by Leo Rodríguez, Spain put a new maximum (24-39) but Italy reacted quickly, settling the third quarter with a 5-0 (29-39).

The rival continued their good feelings with a 6-2 start (35-41), although Spain once again confirmed their dominance with goals from Count and Houses (36-46). Italy threatened to get close with a minute and a half to go (42-49) but through a triple by María Araújo and a basket by Carrera, the sentence was passed in favor of Spain (44-54).

At the end of the match, Spain received its tournament champion trophy and María Conde received the distinction of MVP of the triangular. This Road to the Future Tour comes to an end and it does so with four victories whose value goes far beyond the result and that is because this National Team has laid the foundations for its next international challenges.

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