Lyou NBA and Usman Garuba destinations they seem doomed to be in the not too distant future. The player keeps giving giant steps in its evolution as one of the great talents of the future of Spanish basketball and the American league does not lose detail of its growth, although due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus he had to do it remotely.

Usman Garuba calls the top 15 of the NBA with his best game in the ACB

But that is already behind us and just a few hours after Garuba signed one of his best games in the Endesa League, the NBA has given the green light to franchises to allow staff who are vaccinated (seven days after receiving the second dose of Pfizer or Moderna and 14 days after receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine) resume international travel to closely follow draft projects.

International scouts and scouts have not been able to leave the United States since last October 2020 and will now be able to travel to Europe to see ‘in situ’ the progression of players such as the Madrid player Garuba or the Turkish Alperen Sengun that are presented as the great international projects of a draft that will be held on July 29.

Garuba keeps his plans to join the NBA draft, as do the players with a great projection of their age every year, whose registration period begins on May 30. A draft in which the forecasts right now place him between 14 and 18, although he still has time to continue climbing positions and peek into the top 15 that marks his particular frontier to pack his bags or stay in Madrid.

If he were chosen in the top 15 spots in the draft there would be a good chance that decided to make the leap to the NBA, since he would be awarded a contract that would allow him to pay the clause termination of Madrid and fulfill his dream of playing in the best league in the world.

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