The Spanish National Team has started this weekend its way to the Eurobasket that will take place in Valencia from June 17 to 27. The 16 players (Astou Ndour will join later) have already concentrated in Madrid and tomorrow, after the official presentation at the Endesa headquarters, they will head to Valencia with the intention of starting a preparation in which six friendly matches will be played.

For almost a month, the work will consist of preparing in the best possible way a tournament in which Spain is looking for a third European gold in a row and consolidating itself as the best team of the 21st century. Next, we analyze some data of the 17 components of this first list from which the 12 players who will play the big event will be.

Enter glory with three European golds in a row. Spain seeks to establish itself as the best team on the continent of the 21st century by achieving the third consecutive gold after the achievements of the 2017 and 2019 editions. To these two, the bronze of 2015 and the gold of 2013 are added, which means that the The group has not been off the podium in the last four editions of a European.

10 European metals. The Women’s National Team has been on the podium of an official tournament fifteen times. At the individual level, the player who has won a medal the most times has been Laia Palau with 12. Silvia Domínguez and Alba Torrens follow with 8. Among the seventeen members of the preparation list there are 56 medals. In the specific case of the European competition, 10 metals have been obtained, of which four have been gold (1993, 2013, 2017 and 2019).

The Eurobasket returns to Spain. Valencia will be the shared headquarters of the Eurobasket with France during the group stage and will host the final stage in its entirety. La Fonteta promises to be the ideal setting to extend the National Team’s idyll with the European competition. With this event, the tournament returns to Spain 34 years after the edition that was held in Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) in 1987.

Historic Laia Palau. In Valencia, Laia Palau would play her tenth Eurobasket, thus equaling the player who has played the continental event the most times, Uliana Semenova (USSR). Of his nine participations, Palau has won eight medals of which three have been gold. The Catalan base has the same medals as Russia and France.

Lucas Mondelo. The coach will play his fifth Eurobasket. In the four continental tournaments he has played, he has always won with a medal. Three golds and one bronze enhance the figure of a technician who has not stepped off the podium in the last seven competitions in which he has participated as a technician. Mondelo faces this concentration with 135 official matches played and with a balance of 117 wins and 18 losses. In the final stages of a Eurobasket, the coach has directed 31 games with a record of 29-2.

1,241 international. The list presented by Mondelo accumulates 1,241 caps that are a sample of the vast experience that the group has. The player with the most participations is Laia Palau with 298, which means that she would reach 300 at the beginning of the tour that begins this May 23 in France. On the other hand, there are two players who have not played any official clash with the National Team, Raquel Carrera and Laia Flores would add their first matches, like Maite Cazorla or Paula Ginzo, who have 1 and 4 caps, respectively.

27 years. The average age of this Selection is 27 years old, an average lower than that of the last calls due to the entry of new generations. At 19, Raquel Carrera is the youngest in the squad, compared to Laia Palau, who at 41 is the oldest.

1.83 meters. The average height of the National Team is 1.83 meters. The tallest player on the list is Astou Ndour, who reaches 1.97 meters, while the shortest player is Silvia Domínguez, with 1.68.

Valencia Basket. Valencia Basket is the team with the most representation on this list. There are five taronja players who have received the call from Mondelo: Queralt Casas, Raquel Carrera, Cristina Ouviña, Laura Gil and Leticia Romero.

2,181 points. Alba Torrens is the national team’s top scorer with 2,181 points. His maximum score has been 32 points, a figure that he has reached twice. His average is 12.8 goals per game, a figure similar to Astou Ndour’s, with 12.5.

7 rebounds per game. Laia Palau is the player with the most rebounds with 667 sacks. However, the best average is kept by Astou Ndour with 7 rebounds per game.

796 assists. Laia Palau is the team’s top assistant and has nearly 800 assists. Its average is 2.7 per crash. Other bases such as Cristina Ouviña and Silvia Domínguez maintain an average of 1.6 basket passes.

MVP collectors. The center was crowned the best player of the last Eurobasket of Latvia and Serbia in 2019. With 14.8 points and 8.2 rebounds, Ndour averaged 18.3 PIR credits. In the 2017 win, Alba Torrens was also named tournament MVP with an average PIR of 19.2. An achievement that was also repeated in the 2013 gold with the proclamation of Sancho Lyttle as the best player in the European Championship. In the 2007 edition, Amaya Valdemoro also won the distinction.

U20 players. Of the 17 players on the list, U20 debuted with Alba Torrens, Silvia Domínguez, Leticia Romero, María Conde and Tamara Abalde. Raquel Carrera will repeat her feat, who with her 19 years will add her first caps.