yese is one of the enigmas of the season. Yannick Nzosa he began the 2021-2022 academic year called to be one of the first players in the NBA Draft. Many placed him as number 3, that is, the first international. However, over the months everything has been muddy in a somewhat strange way. The player now lives the deadline hours to decide whether or not he will attend the American basketball event. This June 13 is the key date. The young center, only 18 years old, has been training with several franchises since he finished the competition.

In this way, he has been seen with the Michael Jordan’s Charlotte Hornetsalso training alongside Paul George or with Dallas Mavericks In these last days. The truth is that the forecast Nzosa in the Draft he has gone from the third place mentioned to number 56. This last information would place him in the Cleveland Cavaliers according to Jonathan Givony, an ESPN journalist, and the NBA Draft Room page. It must be remembered that of the almost 300 players who apply, only 60 will be chosen, so Yannick Nzosa there is a serious risk of even being left out of the election.

Your situation in the Unibox it is private. He has a contract until 2026, but it does not seem to be a permanent fixture, much less in the plans of Ibon Navarro. Manresa, Betis and some other ACB team are awaiting a possible transfer if it does not finally count for the Vitorian. One of the premises of this Unibox It is to improve the painting physically, which would mean even more competition for the Congolese. The self-imposed pressure by the player and his agency has played a trick on him throughout the campaign.

The typesetter coach himself spoke about the subject a month and a half ago for MARCA. “He is a player who has a problem and is himself, according to his age. He has too high a self-demand, a very low tolerance for his error, and he is a player who, if he fails, gets stuck there. When he is able to improve it, he will improve and dare to do things, in the end it is the secret. I think the whole NBA thing hasn’t been good for him,” he explained.