ANDhe Monbus Obradoiro won the Galician derby against the Breogán River, which postponed the celebration of its cup classification, by a resounding 100-83. Without Veljko Mrsic, a brand new coach, or Javi Muñoz, the coach who led the Breoganist team in their last two commitments, it had to be the third coach, Oriol Comas, the manager of the Lugo team, who will have to wait for the results of the matches pending from Gran Canaria to confirm the ticket to Granada.

The high score was the tonic of the first act. The Santiago team took the reins at the beginning, although the sky-blue squad quickly responded. While Laurynas Birutis roamed freely in the visiting paint, the penetrations of Trae Bell-Haynes served as a counterpoint to a contest in which the attacks clearly exceeded the defenses.

Monbus Obradoiro knew how to take advantage of its inside players again, especially Birutis, who in the second act also beat both Mahalbasic and Sakho. A dropper appeared Dzanan Musa, who could not detach himself from the sticky mark that both Scrubb and Álvaro Muñoz applied to him. Breogán’s resource was to support his game in Lukovic to leave more space for the Bosnian forward, who, thanks to his nine points in the fourth, managed to prevent the distance from being wider than the eleven that were reflected on the scoreboard at halftime (51 -40).

In the third quarter the game ended breaking. Robertson appeared in the local ranks, Birutis kept up his pace and Breogán was intermittent. Monbus Obradoiro enjoyed a top lead, two minutes from the end, of 22 points (73-51), but then a stopper from Sakho to Ellenson activated the team from Lugo and woke up Musa, who, with five points in a row, returned to get into the game.

But the late reaction was interrupted by another local burst, which opened the gap again, took the game to close to 20 points and allowed Moncho Fernández’s team to seal their sixth victory of the campaign, which allows them to take a breather in the fight for permanence, at the same time that he postponed the cup classification of his rival.

Data sheet:

100 – Monbus Obradoiro (29+22+25+21): Hobbs (11), Robertson (21), Scrubb (13), Ellenson (13) and Birutis (26) -starting team- Zurbriggen (9), Vicedo, Viny Okouo (4) and Álex Suárez (3), Muñoz and Oliver .

83 – Breogan River (27+13+21+22): Bell-Haynes (24), Musa (20), Lukovic (14), Mahalbasic (6), Sergi Quintela (7) -starting team- Kalinoski (4), Sakho, Erik Quintela (4), Iván Cruz (4) and Kacinas.

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Francisco Araña and David Sánchez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to the sixteenth round of the Endesa league, played at the Fontes do Sar Multipurpose Center in front of some 5,000 spectators.