ANDhe Monbus Obradoiro achieved an epic triumph in a match marked by the losses he suffered. Without Álex Suárez, injured, Beliauskas, positive for covid on the morning of the game, Birutis, with a feverish picture, without Álvaro Muñoz in the final stages of the first quarter and without pivots in the last three minutes, he managed to get a victory against the Hereda San Pablo Burgos by 101-94 and add his fifth victory of the course against an opponent who fell to relegation places.

The match in Santiago began with problems for the host squad, which forced the start to be delayed 2:45 hours, as one of the players and a member of the coaching staff tested positive for antigens. The relevant PCR allowed the dispute of a match in which, apart from the loss due to injury of Álex Suárez, he saw how he was left, in a fortuitous encounter with a teammate, without Álvaro Muñoz.

On the floor, the visiting team hit first with five points in a row, although towards the equator of the first act it was the Galician team that got a slight light. From the hand of Henry Ellenson, who together with Braydon Hobbs and Thomas Scrubb, led the Obradoiro’s scoring offense with eleven points and a lot of participation in the game.

Inheritance San Pablo Burgos depended in excess of what Tyrus McGee generated. When the North American escort accelerated, he left room for his partner. He was seconded, when he entered from the bench, Alex Renfroe, who scored nine points in the second quarter and was the architect of the visitor’s recovery, which at times was ahead. The two teams shared successes and errors, and in the final stretch of the first half, also the lead in the electronic.

The game gained in intensity, and in friction, which left several players on the brink of elimination, but on the scoreboard neither of them managed to get away. Each hit from one of the teams was immediately answered by their opponent.

If in the third period the game threatened to go crazy, technical to the local coach, Moncho Fernández, included, the last period began even more revolutionized. Inherit San Pablo Burgos took 48 seconds to enter the bonus, and played practically the entire quarter sentenced to send his opponent to the free throw line for every foul he committed.

To wipe it off, the box prepared by Salva Maldonado loaded the game inside and in the penetrations to eliminate the two pivots that Monbus Obradoiro was able to have, who was forced to play with forwards in the paint the last three minutes.

In the give and take of the decisive moments, the local team was more choral and successful. Robertson, Filipovity and Hobbs hit from the perimeter and sealed the victory against an opponent who was entrusted to McGee, but who barely added in the last minute.

Data sheet

Monbus Obradoiro (22 + 22 + 25 + 32): Zurbriggen (5), Robertson (12), Scrubb (21), Ellenson (23) and Okouo (14) -initial quintet-; Vicedo (7), Hobbs (12), Oliver, Álvaro Muñoz and Filipovity (7).

Inherits San Pablo Burgos (19 + 24 + 25 + 26): Nikolic (8), McGee (24), Rabaseda (2), Salash (6) and Kravic (7) -initial quintet-; Benite (12), Dalton (4), Marc García (2), Renfroe (9) and Gamble (20).

Referees: Aliaga, Baena and Alcaraz. They eliminated Okouo (min. 36) and Ellenson (min. 38) for Monbus Obradoiro, and Rabaseda (min. 40) and Gamble (min. 40) for Hereda San Pablo Burgos.