ANDl Monbus Obradoiro achieved virtual permanence with a resounding victory (79-51) against a Morabanc Andora who, on his visit to Sar, left samples of the aftermath of the second outbreak of COVID-19 suffered in the season and that, after five losses in a row in the league, he practically says goodbye to his chances of being able to play the playoff for the title.

Both teams applied in a give and take during the first two minutes, which resulted in a level match, with distribution, in equal parts, of hits and misses, baskets and some losses. Moncho Fernández’s team shone for two and a half minutes and generated an 8-0 run that allowed them to reach 13-6. The participation of the Lithuanian Laurynas Beliauskas was decisive in that arreón.

The host side put pressure on the Morabanc bases and tried to drown a physically depleted team with a shortage of troops. However, despite the traps that Moncho Fernández posed, the Andorran team more than complied to fight and stay in the game. The small gap that Monbus Obradoiro managed to open came from the game proposed by Swedish forward Chris Czerpawicz from the low post.

The first half of the second quarter was a concert of failures. The players of both teams raffled losses and the aim disappeared. At the halfway point of the period, the score had barely increased by four points for each side. But in the last few sets, again the local squad adjusted their sights, especially from the paint, to open another small gap and reach the break with an eight-point advantage, although with a low score (34-26).

After the break, the visiting team showed a small reaction after conceding a triple in the first attack of the Obra. David Jelinek appeared and Morabanc Andorra returned to get into the game. Eight points in a row from the Czech shooting guard tightened the score (42-37, min. 23). However, the sweet moment ended for Andorra, and the local team found Czerapowicz again, Enoch was intoned and in just over three minutes the distance was stretched to twelve points (51-39, min. 27) until reaching the fifteen points in the last games, which Oriol Paulí, on the horn, left in thirteen (58-45).

Morabanc Andorra broke down in the last quarter. It took him five and a half minutes to get his first point. In that impasse, the Monbus had scored twelve and had the game seen for sentence. Only six points, with a single basket in play, were scored by Ibon Navarro’s pupils in the fourth quarter, allowing Monbus Obradoiro to achieve a comfortable victory.

Data sheet:

79 Monbus Obradoiro (19 + 15 + 24 + 21): Ozmizrak (8), Beliauskas (15), Czerapowicz (17), Daum (8) and Enoch (8) -the starting team- Birutis (10), Oliver (3), Rafa García (1), Robertson (2), Cohen (5) and Muñoz (2).

51 Morabanc Andorra (15 + 11 + 19 + 6): Kulvietis, Jelinek (8), Olumuyiwa (4), Paulí (6) and Hannah (9) -the starting team- Sergio García (2), Ruesga, Colom, Pérez (2), Parakhouski (9) and Senglin (11).

Referees: Aliaga, Castillo and Sánchez.

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 35 of the Endesa league played at the Multipurpose Fontes do Sar. No audience.

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