ANDl Urbas Fuenlabrada scored such an agonizing victory (93-92) as it was fundamental for his permanence against Monbus Obradoiro, on a special afternoon for the tribute to the 30th anniversary of the European Cup that Partizan Belgrade achieved in 1992 when it was welcomed by the war in the Fernando Martín.

With suffering until the last moment, after being won by 18 points in the third quarter and suffering a partial Obradoirista score of 0-17 in 4 minutes (from 60-44 to 60-61), the ‘Partizán de Fuenlabrada’ took control of a triumph that allows him to add his ninth victory and overcome Obradoiro, who maintains in his favor the particular difference having won 93-81 in the first round.

A triumph with the seal of the Brazilian Leo Meindl, author of a ‘double-double’ of 13 points and 13 rebounds, key in getting the rebounds in the final moments of the match, in addition to the 22 points of the Nigerian Obi Emegano. They opted for a duel that could have fallen on either side, with Thomas Scrubb (13 points and 7 rebounds) shining for the Galician team.

Party air was breathed in Fuenlabrada. The ‘black Partizán’ of the local team, emulating the team they adopted in 1992 due to the Balkan War, was joined by a multitude of black shirts in the stands, historical photos on the walls and a number ’92’ in one of the backgrounds of the pavilion in memory of the European champion team.

Both teams responded to such expectations with a fun start: fleeting attacks, little interest in defending and missed triples everywhere. Until Kassius Robertson and Braydon Hobbs got it right and woke up ‘Fuenla’, who put Kwan Cheatham and Obi Emegano to work for their first advantage (21-14, min. 7), which consolidated into nine units at the end of the first set (26-17).

Moncho Fernández was not happy, having seen his team lose 7 balls in the first period, especially when Dragan Milosavljevic stole Phil Scrubb to take the lead to twelve (32-20, min. 12). The Galician coach picked up his team and the effect was instant: two steals and two three-pointers by Robertson.

But until then, because the ‘Partizán de Fuenlabrada’ defended again and found in attack one of those minutes of inspiration from Dusan Ristic: nine points in a row from the Serbian with two triples and a basket without error to put the maximum income of the match (43 -28, min. 15) that the locals retained until the break (50-36).

Upon returning from the locker room, what seemed like the final takeoff for the locals with a three-pointer by Emegano that brought them close to a 20-point lead (56-38, min. 22) turned into a traffic jam as a result of a Galician defensive rearmament and a Laurynas Birutis which became huge in the painting. Hobbs and Álex Suárez took over from the 6.75 line to confirm that Obradoiro was very serious (60-52, min. 27).

Fuenlabrada felt the Galician breath on his neck, and found no way to react, which Obradoiro took advantage of to turn the scoreboard around with two triples in a row by Beliauskas that culminated a 0-17 run in 4 minutes (from 60-44 to 60- 61, minute 29). Jovan Novak responded, but the dynamic was Galician and a triple by Phil Scrubb took them ahead into the last quarter (65-67).

Another match began: a 10-minute one for a step forward to salvation, in which every action counted. A triple was worth the same as an unattractive hook. A mate by Okouo and a triple by Ellenson gave the Galicians a minimal lead with 1:43 to go (85-88), which was turned around a minute later by Alexander with an ‘alley-oop’ served by Samar.

The following possession, an Obradoirista from the beginning, went through three rebounds, a multiple collision and Meindl on the ground, but the Brazilian was able to leave the ball for Emegano’s run, who made it 93-90 with 23 seconds left. The fouls began: Robertson scored his shots, Samar missed his, but on the last Obradoirist possession Phil Scrubb’s shot fell short. Meindl’s rebound, although he later missed his free throws, made it 93-92 and a hard-fought victory for ‘Partizán’ from Fuenlabrada.

Data sheet:

93 – Urbas Fuenlabrada (26+24+15+28): Samar (9), Emegano (22), Meindl (13), Cheatham (8), Ristic (14) -starting five-, Alexander (9), Novak (5), Eyenga (1), Milosavljevic (12), González and Fernandez.

92 – Monbus Obradoiro (17+19+31+25): Robertson (13), Thomas Scrubb (13), Hobbs (8), Ellenson (7), Birutis (13) -starting five-, Phil Scrubb (13), Okouo (5), Beliauskas (9), Suárez (6) , Munoz (5) and Zurbriggen.

Referees: Carlos Peruga, Vicente Buló and Sergio Manuel. Visitor Viny Okouo eliminated for five personal fouls (min. 38).

Incidents: match of the twenty-eighth round of the Endesa League, played at the Fernando Martín Pavilion in Fuenlabrada (Madrid), before 4,892 spectators.