After the dispute in the afternoon-night of last Saturday of the last day of the Regular League, LF Endesa has defined today what will be its first round of Playoffs with the confirmation of its game dates, schedules and television schedule .

A quarter-final knockout in which the 8 best teams in the competition have reached and in which four tickets to the semi-finals will be up for grabs. The four crosses will be played in a round trip format and can be followed in full through the different usual platforms.

In the case of Teldeporte with the dispute of the first leg between Durán Maquinaria Ensino and Valencia Basket as well as with the return of the series between Lointek Gernika and Movistar Estudiantes. A tie whose first round will be broadcast live by the cameras of @BaloncestoESP who will travel to Fontajau for the resolution of the fourth between Spar Girona and Ciudad de La Laguna.

The television offer will be completed with the broadcast of the four remaining matches live through

CLASSIFIED: SPAR Gran Canaria completor the table of rooms

IDA MEETINGS: March 31 and April 1

SPAR Gran Canaria vs Avenida Perfumeries
Wednesday March 31 | Hour: 19: 00h (local time) | TV:
Referees: Antonio Sacristán, Jorge Muñoz and Jorge Baena

City of La Laguna Tenerife vs Spar Girona
Wednesday March 31 | Hour:19:00 (local time) | TV:
Referees: Asunción Langa, Pol Franquesa and Eva Areste

Movistar Estudiantes vs Lointek Gernika
Wednesday March 31 | Hour: 19:30 | TV: @Basketball
Referees: Paula Lema, Héctor Báez and Eduard Colomer

Duran Machinery Ensino vs Valencia Basket
Thursday, April 1 | Hour:19:00 | TV: Teledeporte
Referees: Juan Manuel Uruñuela, Guillermo Ríos and Javier Ávila

RETURN MEETINGS: April 3 and 4

Perfumerías Avenida vs SPAR Gran Canaria
Saturday April 3 | Hour: 18: 00h | TV:
Referees: José Antonio Pagán, María Ángeles García and Sergio Ortiz

Spar Girona vs City of La Laguna Tenerife
Saturday April 3 | Hour: 19:00 | TV: @Basketball
Referees: Mariano Martín Palomo, Juan G. Carpallo and Daniel Cervantes

Valencia Basket vs Durán Maquinaria Ensino
Sunday April 4 | Hour:12:00 | TV:
Referees: José M. Terreros, Antonio M. Zamora and Alberto Lázaro

Lointek Gernika vs Movistar Estudiantes
Sunday April 4 | Hour: 21:00 | TV: Teledeporte
Referees: Sandra Sánchez, Juan Fco. González and José J. Marqueta