Alonso Meana is an important man for the Oviedo club, and it is that he perfectly represents the spirit of the OCB Cantera, having entered Oviedo Basketball as a child, also always playing with teams older than his own. In 2016, when Meana was still 16 years old and in her last year as a cadet, she made her debut with the OCB’s first team under Carles Marco in a match against Cáceres, a World Heritage Site in Pumarín. Later, despite dressing short for the Princess Cup, he was able to enjoy it from the bench, celebrating with the team the achievement of it.

This past season, Alonso Meana began training with the team and under the command of Natxo Lezkano already during the preseason, while waiting for a resolution to his future with the University of Illinois Springfield, where he should return for a new season in the NCAA II. . However, with the situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, the authorities did not allow their entry into the United States, and Alonso Meana decided to renounce the sports scholarship and sign for Liberbank Oviedo Baloncesto until the end of the season.

During the 2020/2021 campaign, Alonso Meana played a total of 12 games (1 in the First Phase, 10 in the Second, and 1 in the playoff). In the Promotion Phase, the one he played the most, he averaged 6.2 points, 1.2 rebounds, 1.5 assists and a PIR of 5.6. In addition, in those 10 games he was the LEB Oro player with the best percentage from the triple, with a spectacular 60.87% success from the arc thanks to his 14 triples of 23 attempts. His best match was in Almansa, also achieving his first MVP in the OCB and signing 20 points without failure with which he certified the victory of Oviedo against CB Almansa, since he scored the last 4 goals of the OCB.

Héctor Galán, general director of the Oviedo Club Baloncesto, thus values ??the renewal of the Asturian base: “We always say the same thing, that we are very happy that people follow or join the club, and it is true, but in the case of Alonso Meana there is one more point of satisfaction and pride. He is a player who has grown up with us, and has become a man with us, after arriving as a child from the Covadonga Group, and goes through all the categories of the club ”. Galán also comments on the reasons that led Meana to leave her university and rejoin the OCB project: “In her previous year of training she was in the United States, and we thought she could have a longer cycle, but the current situation changed his plans. That’s why we did what we had to do, which is for him to continue with us, for him to have a whole season in the league to show that he is indeed a LEB Gold player, and a player who is getting bigger and bigger ”. Finally, Héctor Galán comments: “Apart from that sentimental motive and pride of the club, I think we have signed a very good player, who can play and defend both the base and guard positions, who has a lot of personality when it comes to play, and it has a great progression. We are sure that he will pull up, that he will also pull the team up, that he will help us build a better squad. Finally, it is not necessary to wish adaptation to the city or the club, all you have to do is wish them luck and have a great season ”.