HLA Alicante has presented this morning the season ticket campaign for the next LEB Oro season. The slogan with which the campaign was born is “The Pride that unites us: Our city. Our hobby. Our team.” taking as a reference that feeling of pride that was represented by the last season of HLA Alicante, in which the Cup final was played and the promotion semifinals were reached.

The campaign includes various compensation options for matches that could not be played last season. In this new edition of the LEB Oro, in which the single competition group is returned, three more matches will be played than last season.
The pass includes the 17 regular league games, as well as the HLA Alicante presentation game before the start. Likewise, the club reserves the option of putting a match as a club day.

Within the club’s digitization process, subscribers will be able to have their subscriptions in virtual format through passbook. In this way, presenting the HLA Alicante subscription on the mobile phone, the access will be valid.

The president of the Lucentum Foundation has commented: “The motto reflects the sentiment of our fans and of the followers that we have in the province of Alicante and even more so after a year as hard as the one we have lived in which HLA Alicante has given strength to overcome these times. Likewise, the feeling is reciprocated by the pride we feel in our fans. “


The renewal of last season’s season tickets can be done from Tuesday, July 20, both in person and online. Office hours will be from 10am to 1pm. The subscribers of the last campaign will be able to renew until Friday, July 30. During this period, the seats and seats from last season will be respected and from that day on they will be released. In the same way, from the same Tuesday it will be possible to process new subscriptions in locations that are not occupied.

Those subscribers who want to renew the subscription but decide to change location must do so in person at the office.

The office hours of attention to the public will be from Monday to Friday from 10am to 1pm and Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Online renewal can be done at


The season ticket prices range between € 75 and € 140 for renewals and € 100 and € 175 for new season tickets. Subscriptions for children under 3 years old are free and there are discounts for children between 3 and 18 years old.

Like last season, the club offers subscribers various compensation options for last season’s uncontested matches. Thanks to the ticketing system that the club implemented last season, this season it has been possible to make use of the money from the virtual wallet. At the end of the regular season, the Lucentum Foundation included all subscribers the money to compensate for the games not enjoyed so that the subscribers could use it in the playoffs.

This season, one of the compensation options will be to use the balance of the virtual wallet in the purchase of the subscription and, in this way, deduct the amount available in the wallet from the price of the subscription.

Another option will be to use that balance in the wallet to purchase merchandise or tickets during the season.

In addition, subscribers who so wish may waive this compensation and donate the money to the club. In this case, the club will conduct a FLBA experience with players. The FLBA experience will be carried out as soon as possible since, due to the pandemic last season, this experience could not be carried out with players.