ANDl Inherit San Pablo Burgos was unable to face a strong Río Breogán, which was superior offensively and achieved the second victory of the season (62-87) against a Burgos team, who had a lack of a game director.

The absence of Alex Renfroe is still noticeable in the Burgos team, who focused their entire game on the success of a Benite who ended up as one of the most outstanding of Zan Tabak, along with a Stephen Zack who signed 17 valuation credits. On the part of Breogán, Trae Bells broke the match demonstrating his good exterior success.

The start was overwhelming by Breogán, with a Dzanan Musa who wanted to continue his good streak, but the Burgos entered the game thanks to the direction of Aleksej Nikolic with a partial of 8-0 to get ahead (8-4) .

It was still noted that the league is just beginning and the defenses of both teams were not entirely reliable, giving rise to easy trays for both teams and not having good hitting percentages, leaving the Lugo team ahead at the end of the first quarter (14- 19).

Xavi Rabaseda was in charge of stopping Musa in the second quarter, but some of the shortcomings of the Burgos began to stand out, they began to notice fatigue and had to give rotations.

The two fouls by both Dejan Kravic and Kristian Kullamae made other players load up with minutes and the lack of ideas by Hereda San Pablo Burgos in attack did not allow them to cut distances.

Those of Paco Olmos had a clearer role to play, although also the fouls, in this case by Erik Quintela, conditioned the game from Lugo, who went ahead again on the scoreboard (33-37).

Losses slowed down Burgos’ offensive level, basing his game on the inspiration of captain Vitor Benite, but Olmos’s were more successful, especially Trae Bells – Haynes with two consecutive triples put land in the middle to avoid the Burgos challenge (41- 49).

A technical foul to Rabaseda gave wings to Musa who began to plug into the match to have the maximum until the moment of the game and close the quarter with a 46-55 in his favor.

Again, the exterior success of Río Breogán forced Tabak to stop the match (46-61), but it was of little use as a 0-13 partial sentenced the match against a team without offensive ideas and who could not overcome a rival with the clearest ideas on his return to the Coliseum.

– Data sheet:

62 – San Pablo Burgos inherits (14 + 19 + 13 + 16): Dejan Kravic (16), Aleksej Nikolic (8), Suleiman Braimoh (9), Xavi Rabaseda (2), Tyrus McGee (2) starting five – Kareem Queeley (-), Kristian Kullamae (0), Maksim Salash (0), Vitor Benite (16), Dani Díez (0), Marc García (-), Stephen Zack (9).

87 – Breogán River (19 + 18 + 18 + 32): Bring Bell-Hynes (20), Dzanan Musa (7), Marko Lukovic (12), Rasid Mahalbasic (8) and Sergi Quintela (7) – starting five – Mindaugas Kacinas (3), Tyler Kalinoski (12), Jordan Sakho ( 4), Kevin Larsen (-), Erik Quintela (10), Iván Cruz (4), Adam Sollazzo (-).

Referees: Carlos Cortés, Arnau Padrós and Rubén Sánchez Mohedas

Incidents: Match corresponding to matchday 2 of the Endesa League held at the Burgos Coliseum before 3,550 spectators.