Extremadura has warmly welcomed a team that has one of the great challenges this summer: the U17 World Cup in Andalusia. The young talents have had their preparation in Villanueva de la Serena, where they have played a tournament of enormous sporting level.

A win and a loss. That is the balance of Javi Zamora in the ‘Serena’ tournament played over the weekend. A first contact of a group that has not been able to compete internationally for the past few years due to the pandemic.

And the sensations are good. They played a good game against France, one of the candidates for a medal in Malaga. Dominating the scoreboard for most of the game, with Aday Mara and Izan Almansa fighting one-on-one with the physical French centers. In the end, with the score tied, they knew how to score at key moments to achieve victory.

On Sunday they fell to Serbia, who had been defeated by France. A game in which they were 14 points behind in the second quarter. They reacted well and with a 22-10 run at the start of the third, they leveled the score. But the Serbian competitiveness caused the first defeat of a team that leaves a good feeling in Extremadura.

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