Portmany’s team faces an intense period of preparation to play for the first time in their history at LEB Plata, in which they will start hosting Mollet at home next month.


The Sant Antoni Basketball Club has already started the preparation of what will be an exciting season in the LEB Plata, in which the Portmany team will debut in the third category of Spanish men’s basketball. The team trained by Carlos Flores started on September 1 with medical check-ups for the staff and the coaching staff, to begin work on the track the next day, at the Sa Pedrera pavilion.

The technician already has practically all his staff on the island. Only North American players Laron Smith and Ramel Thompkins are missing, while the rest of the signings (Aleix Haro, Pau Carreño, Lucas Antúnez, Álex Harguindey and Matija Bilalovic) are already working under the Catalan’s command. Also the renewed players: Toms Skuja, Jordi Grimau and Tau Slezas.

Flores was “optimistic” about the historic season at LEB Plata, in which Sant Antoni will debut. “If we manage to get the whole team together well and compete at the level that I hope will be done, we will have options to fight for the play-off positions. I am optimistic and I really want to try it ”, sentenced the Portmany coach. The first league match will be on October 9, welcoming Recambios Gaudí Mollet in the Sa Pedera pavilion.

“We are beginning to build a bit what the philosophy of the game is going to be, knowing that there are still people to come,” declared Flores, who also assured that he has “a fairly young team”, “with certain players who have that degree of I think they will give us the security to face the challenge of playing this season at a higher level ”.

The Catalan coach also stated that there has been “a change in the philosophy of the club” since the first team will train “in the mornings.” “We are going to give it a plus of professionalism that perhaps until now we did not have,” said Flores.

The Sant Antoni coach stressed that the young people in the squad are “very hungry” and want to grow. In addition, they want to implement a “fast, happy, fun and dynamic” game. “Above all, the key is going to be the defensive level, with a team spirit of wanting to recover balls as high as possible, to attack with the fewest seconds and thus have more possessions to score,” added Flores.

The CB Sant Antoni coach considered that his squad has been “balanced” while waiting for Smith and Thompkins to arrive. “We have two very good positions: those of the guards, with Lucas [Antúnez] and toms [Skuja]; and the interiors, with Tau [Slezas] and Laron [Smith], which are two fives [pívots] very different but very good each in its own way. The four [los ala-pívot] They are people like a lot of hand, just like the three [aleros], which is something very important to us. The other exteriors, such as Aleix Haro, Jordi Grimau and Pau Carreño have a very high level of play. They can give us different positions in the game, with a fairly high level of success ”.

Dani Stefanuto does the preseason with the Ibizans

On the other hand, the guard Dani Stefanuto, who has experience in the LEB Oro (with Orense) and in Silver (with Ponferrada and Zamora), is doing the preseason with Sant Antoni. This is another young player, only 22 years old, with a lot of projection and quality, who was trained in the quarry of the COB and Carmelitas.

With Zamora in Silver he averaged just over 13 minutes on the court with four points per game played.

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