TOngel Delgado signed this past Saturday against Casademont Zaragoza a rebounding record rarely seen in this century in the Endesa League.

The Dominican Movistar Estudiantes player added a score of sacks, 16 in defense and four in attack, achieving the best mark in the competition in almost a decade and equaling the top of the student club, in possession of Felipe Reyes.

Since Paul Davis signed 22 rebounds with Cajasol in the 2011-12 season, nothing like it has been seen. In fact, in the last 17 years only Delgado, Davis and Kaloyan Ivanov have reached two dozen rebounds.

The club of players who have achieved something similar in this century is only made up of nine players: Adam Keefe (record of the century with 24), Paul Davis, Bobby Martin (2 times), Francisco Elson, Tanoka Beard (2), Felipe Reyes , Devin Davis, Vasco Evtimov, Kaloyan Ivanov and, from this Saturday, Ángel Delgado.

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