The team met at noon in Guadalajara and in the early afternoon received a visit from the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, who thanked the group for their effort, commitment and enthusiasm for being part of the National Team at such an important appointment such as qualification for the 2023 World Cup.

After the meeting, the team has carried out its first training session at the facilities of the Multipurpose Palace of Guadalajara, which will be the team’s headquarters until Thursday at noon it heads to Skopje, where on Friday it will play its first match, against North Macedonia .

Sergio Scariolo: “We have to prepare well”

Before the session, the coach, Sergio Scariolo, assured that “At this point I can’t say that I feel any kind of pressure. It is a joy to be with the team, with players that I already know, others that I have followed in the training teams … We are world champions, with an incredible feat two years ago, totally out of anticipation, but precisely because of the replacement phase International, with many players who have changed, we started from scratch, knowing that there are many teams that theoretically have more strength, more experience … Right now we have to prepare well, play the first game against North Macedonia and the second against Georgia, and that’s it. we will see what will happen in the following windows, if we will be able to qualify ”.

The debut in Skopje: “He was recently in Podgorica, where it all began, the first Window, with unknowns, fear, a group of players who had not been in the National Team … and it was fantastic, we started winning a great game and little by little we built a team until be world champions. So you have to start, face the rivals you play and do well ”.

About the players: “There are some who have already proven to be part of the team, at least in the Windows, others that we want to start testing the climate of the National Team, the concepts, because we are following them, they are not yet prepared but they could be and we are interested who have already participated … And there are others who have shown that at this level they control it well and that they can compete perfectly because they have already done so ”.

Colom: “Very proud and happy to wear this shirt again”

The world champion base, who has flown from Athens, serves as captain of this call. “Very proud and happy to wear this shirt again,” he said, “is the best thing that can happen to an athlete, so enjoy it a lot and do your best. We are used to it, the first time it was a bit of a surprise but now we know exactly how it works. But when you wear this shirt you have a very big responsibility and we have to try not to think about the afterlife. Now we are here and we have to give it our best ”.

“Captaincy premiere, something that is also nice for any player and I want to try to help young people who are coming for the first time, to set an example from the court”

“In a qualification for the World Cup all the rivals are very dangerous and you have to be careful and respect everyone. It is a possibility of once again showing everyone that there are many very good Spanish players, that the national product is of good quality and they can help the teams a lot, more than they continue to do in the clubs ”.