Lace Andre Cury’s words, Neymar’s ex-agent and Barça’s ex-scout for ten years, in which he stated that the Brazilian star could return to play with Leo Messi in the Barcelona club, they have caused a great stir in the Barcelona environment that already dreams of seeing again the duo that gave so many successes to the team during four seasons.

This is the case of an entire club institution that has just returned to Barcelona. Pau Gasol applauded the news from MARCA on his social networks regarding the words of the former representative of the Brazilian star.

Cury, who is in Argentina to close the transfer of former Atlético de Madrid player Santos Borré to Palmeiras, released his particular bombshell in an interview: “Neymar has the doors open for Barcelona, ??the Catalans know he was wrong and even he He recognized it himself some time later. I was ten years in Barcelona, ??I know every corner of the city. I would be very happy for Neymar to go to Barcelona “, he claimed.

Along the same lines, Cury added: “Two years ago, Neymar formally asked me to return to Barcelona, ??we tried and we were really close to getting him out of Paris, but due to details it did not happen,” he continued.

To close, the footballers agent broke everything with his phrase: “Laporta is the only one who can put them back together. Messi is not going to leave Barcelona. He decided that his story be in Barcelona and I am very clear about that. If Neymar will play with Messi again, but it will be in Barcelona. “

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