PFinally, one of the strangest situations of recent times is clarified: Jaycee Carroll retires and Real Madrid will pay tribute to him in the near future. the escort, the player with the most appearances in the history of the white club (709)is at his ranch in Utah but, as published by As, he will return to Spain to say goodbye to what was his club and its fans.

Carroll he left at the end of last season without giving an answer to the madridistas about a possible return. With the passing of this course, it was assumed that he would not return and that he would abandon professional basketball, but In the white entity, no one from his profile was signed eitherwhich was a serious problem in the outside shot that has been dragging all year.

Despite the fact that in April he has completed 39 years, Madrid offered him the renewal last season. He never received a concrete answer from Carroll but, being one of the right eyes of President Florentino Pérez, they gave him time to think about it. There were details that show that the club waited for him during this campaign. in preseason, some youth squad wanted number 20 and was told it was reserved for Jaycee.

On the official website as if it hadn’t left

And, the best known and surprising, that the image of the shooting guard, in a photomontage with this year’s shirt, has been on the team’s official website as one of the squad until the day of the official photo, shortly before the recent Belgrade Final Four. In all these months there have been few messages from the escort to his companions.

carroll is a legend of the Real Madrid basketball section. Was the first signing of the Laso era in 2011 Y he has won 20 titles as a white player, the same as the coach except for this season’s Super Cup: two Euroleagues, five Leagues, six Cups, as many Super Cups and one Intercontinental. Nevertheless, his strange departure does not correspond to that of a player who has been an institution in the team. The next tribute will serve to say goodbye to him as he deserves.