A hundred guests, due to restrictions, the two National Teams and representatives of institutions and sponsors and the media have experienced an emotional II Spanish Basketball Gala on Tuesday at the Duque de Pastrana Complex in Madrid, two years after the first due to the forced postponement of the 2020 ceremony.

Jose Manuel Franco (director of the Higher Sports Council), Albert Soler (Director General of the CSD), Alexander White (President of the Spanish Olympic Committee), Jose Bogas (CEO of Endesa), Alfredo Bustillo (CaixaBank sponsorship director), Coral Bistuer (sports director of the Community of Madrid), Alberto Tome (Deputy Minister of Culture of the Community of Madrid), Alicia martin (general director of sports of the Madrid City Council), Maria Luisa Martínez Gistau (Director of Communication and Public Relations at CaixaBank), Manuel Hernandez (CEO of Finetwork), Belén Ruiz-Ocaña (responsible for Advertising and Sponsorship of Santalucía) and Jose Miguel Calleja (CEO of the ACB) among others. The directors of Unidad Editorial have also attended Marco Pompignoli (CEO), Nicola Speroni (managing director) and Stefania Bedogni (general director), the presidents of the players’ associations, Alfonso Reyes and Lucila Pascua, and former internationals as well as the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, and the director of the newspaper Marca, Juan Ignacio Gallardo, have shared a little more than the hour that the event lasted, in which the Awards were distributed to the best players of the season.

After the intervention of Garbajosa, who has highlighted that “These Awards are Awards for the union of all Spanish basketball” and he has shown his gratitude to all the estates and institutions that have worked during this long and complicated year to keep our basketball alive “, Gallardo has recognized “Feel very proud to be part of this Family.”

And the time has come for the awards ceremony, in an act conducted and presented by Marta Fernández and Eddy Vidal.

Usman Garuba Y Rachel Carrera They were the first to collect the awards for the best plays of the season. Garuba for his ‘coast to coast’ in the final match of the Endesa League at the Palau Blaugrana, and Carrera for the two free throws that gave Valencia Basket the FIBA ??Eurocup title. “In this play it is really me “ said Garuba, who added that “A few years ago I did not imagine being able to be here. I’m training with people like Pau Gasol, whom I only saw on television, and today he gave me a couple of tips in training. It’s all a dream “. He has been awarded the Gema Monjas (Brand) award and Carrera has remarked that “I am super happy to be able to have this opportunity, to play with the National Team, to go to the Olympic Games, to receive these awards … to be able to be here learning from these colleagues is wonderful.” The following awards they have received, to the young players with the greatest projection, have been collected from the hands of Belén Ruiz-Ocaña and Elisa Aguilar.

Xavi López-Arostegui (Best National Player) “It is the recognition of the work of a whole year. Within the category of Spanish player there is a lot of competition and I am happy to be recognized with this award, which is also an award for the Penya season ”. He has been presented with the José Miguel Calleja award.

Cristina Ouviña (Best National Player) “Going back to Spain has made me feel better, play better and enjoy basketball more. And I think that when you enjoy what you do, the result is always going to be good. My time abroad was over and it was good for me to return to the Endesa Women’s League ”. He has been presented with the José Bogas award.

Sergio Rodriguez (Best National Player in international competition) “Basketball is a reflection of how it is lived and we are very happy with these two years in Milan, even though the circumstances have not been the best. But I felt very well and that has been seen on the track ”. He has been presented with the Manuel Hernández award.

Alba Torrens placeholder image (Best National Player in international competition) “I am grateful and privileged to play for two great teams: Yekaterinburg and the Women’s National Team. In this case, the award is for the work of a great club that has won the Euroleague again, because I still think that individual awards are the result of the work of a team ”. He has been presented with the María Luisa Martínez Gistau award.

Lolo sainz (Legend award) “I am excited to receive this award, I am very excited. I took the National Team at a difficult time, I only achieved a silver medal, but I am very proud of my time. For me it is a special team and I think we laid the foundations of the team that then won everything ”. He has been presented with the José Manuel Franco award.

Laia Palau and Pau Gasol (Special award) Laia: “Being over forty years old and being here speaks of the commitment to the selection of Pau and myself and the enthusiasm for this team. I think that unites us “. Pau: “It is being overwhelming this summer. And I’m really enjoying it. I enjoy every training session, every meal, every game, every award… all recognition is always appreciated, and perhaps now I’m enjoying it more ”. They have been presented with the Jorge Garbajosa and Juan Ignacio Gallardo awards.

The jury of these Awards, designated by the FEB and Marca for this second edition of the Gala, have been formed Jorge Garbajosa (FEB president), Juan Ignacio Gallardo (Brand director), Jose Manuel Franco (CSD president), Santos Moraga (FEB), Elisa aguilar (FEB), Gem Nuns (Brand), Jorge Quiroga (Brand), Antonio Martin (ACB president), Carmen Muguruza (Association of Women’s Clubs), Alfonso Reyes (ABP president), Lucila Easter (AJUB president), Daniel Hierrezuelo (President AEBA) and Joan Maria Gavaldà (AEEB president). The two best plays were chosen by users through popular vote.