The solemn first promotion entrance ceremony of the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame It will be held this Thursday, October 21, in the unbeatable setting of the South Terrace of the La Cartuja Stadium in Seville, of which the main protagonists will be the 18 members chosen, who will be surrounded by the attendance of almost 200 guests. They will present and lead the gala Marta Fernandez and Dani Garrido. The ceremony can be followed live on (7:30 pm).

Those chosen to become the first members of the Hall of Fame are eight male and female players, two coaches, a coach, a referee, a club, a manager, two journalists, a team and a city. All of them are part of the 2019 Promotion of the Spanish Basketball Hall of Fame, whose Entrance Ceremony had to be postponed a year ago due to the global pandemic situation, and to which the 2020 Promotion will join in the coming months.

The celebration of the event, which is a pioneer in the world of Spanish sport, has the collaboration of the Junta de Andalucía and the Seville Town Hall, as well as in the newspaper As as ‘media partner’ of the FEB.

The chosen players are Juan Carlos Navarro, Amaya Valdemoro, Juan Antonio San Epifanio Epi, Juan Antonio Corbalán, Emiliano Rodríguez, Fernando Martín (in memoriam), Maribel lorenzo (in memoriam) and Arvydas sabonis (international). The trainers: María Planas, Pedro Ferrándiz and Antonio Díaz Miguel (in memoriam). The referee: Miguel Angel Betancor. As contributors: the Club Esportiu Laietà, Ramón Trecet, Anselmo López (in memoriam), Andres Montes (in memoriam) and the Alcobendas city (extraordinary). And the team: the National Women’s National Team champion of Europe in 1993.

They were elected in November 2019 after voting by a jury made up of Jorge Garbajosa (president of the FEB), Vicente Jiménez (director of the newspaper As), José María Sierra (vice president of 1st FEB and president of the Aragonese Federation), Juan Jiménez ( editor As), Raquel González Santos (editor As), Conchi Bellarín (Superior Sports Council), Alfonso Reyes (players), Esther Morillas (players), Daniel Hierrezuelo (referees), Joan María Gavaldá (coaches), Antonio Martín (clubs male) and Carmen Muguruza (female clubs).


With the Hall of Fame, the FEB aims to pay recognition and remembrance, individually or collectively, to the most outstanding protagonists of our history. Of those chosen to appear in it, not only their contribution to the sporting and organizational development of Spanish basketball is taken into account but also, and in a very special way, their work in the dissemination and transmission of the values ??that our sport embodies, for which they should be considered an example for present and future generations.

Juan Carlos Navarro: “Basketball is my life”

Fernando Martín, the player who became a symbol

Laietà, the club where it all started

“Montes was groundbreaking, novel, but not in a frivolous way”

Pedro Ferrándiz: “Basketball was a matter of life and death for me”

Alcobendas, the mecca of Spanish basketball

Super-Epi, the great king of Palau Blaugrana

Ramón Trecet: “On TVE they needed a green dog with red spots … and it was me”

Amaya Valdemoro: “There are still girls who stop me on the street”

María Planas: “If I did something for women’s basketball, I don’t need any more”

Anselmo López, the father of the minibasket

Emiliano: “The 1963 final almost prevented my wedding”

Maribel Lorenzo, the Vigo who gave basketball luster in the 70s

Miguelo Betancor: “In life you have to be a little crazy to do great things”

Antonio Díaz Miguel, the dawn of Spanish basketball

1993 Women’s National Team: a team of pioneers

Juan Antonio Corbalán: “Reality ran over my dreams”

Sabonis: “The years at Madrid were the best, it was like a family”