The Mallorcan woman complies with the canons of the new Avenida, “you know Nogaye very well. We have been talking about her in this club for many, many years, she is a player with a national projection and here she is following that established line of project ”, explained the Azulón president. As the Anglo-Saxons say, it is a ‘win-win’ for both parties, “it is positive for us and for her, to see basketball from a different perspective, doubling competitions playing the Euroleague, Jorge commented that, of course, he gave her the welcome to Noga, ”“ delighted that you are with us and that you are happy and enjoy being in this family ”.

The gratitude, the first thing that came out of Nogaye’s mouth: “I am very happy to be here, thanks to Roberto and the club for betting on me”, to continue with the declaration of intentions: “I really want to start the season, although I know that I am a little behind my teammates, but I am working on it, helping in training sessions and I hope that soon, little by little, also in games ”. Precisely, regarding his injury, Lo highlighted that “I’m feeling better every time on the court and my knee responds better.” An injury that separated Lo from the National Team in the final stretch before the competitions, “it was a tough stick not being able to go to the Games and Eurobasket, but things happen for something and if I couldn’t be with the National Team, now I’m here and I think it’s going to be a great year ”, he acknowledged. Now, after three weeks in Salamanca, “you can see that this is Avenida, it is another step in my career and I really want to be here,” he commented, although his adaptation does not seem complicated, “I already knew the national team. the ones I didn’t know about, we are getting along very well and that is very important for the team ”, he declared. With four teammates in position, Nogaye knows that each one will be important: “each player has a role and that is how the team is designed so that we are comfortable, each one of us will find our place in a long season,” he concluded.

“I’m going to extend myself more than normal because I felt like it,” Roberto Íñiguez warned at the beginning of his speech. For the Azulón coach, “Noga’s arrival represents what we want to be. First because the club has been behind for a long time to have a good national block that was the heart of the team, but also because it reflects who we are on a personal level because of how she is: humility and ambition and professionally for being a young player, hungry and eager to work ”. At that point, Roberto wanted to explain the situation of that injury and how Avenida responded: “Nogaye has an old injury but he has solved it with effort and has surrendered, overcoming moments of pain with sacrifice. Last year, with the COVID stoppage and the load of matches, it affected him more and he made a great effort, but it was not the best for his knee. In the Selection he made another effort that he had to take advantage of. Now she needs a process, knowing that she will not heal 100% but we do have to help her feel good to perform for the team and give her best. If we were faster, we would be hurting it, “he commented. The coach added that “for the club the simplest thing would have been to cut it, if we were another club we would have taken another option, but we are not like that, because we want them to feel that the club improves them, helps them and is a different club. That is the best marketing for this club, whatever the players talk about. We help the player to give her the best means within our possibilities and that gives a feeling of belonging to be committed “, he concluded