“I’m from ’97 and many of my lifelong companions had already come. It is a goal that my father and I had for a long time and we achieved it”bill Angela Salvadores (Oviedo, 1997).

He left home at the age of 14 to join the ranks of the 21st century. A huge sacrifice because she left behind a four-year-old little brother. “For me that was hard, I had hardly lived with him, he was so small that I was afraid he would forget about me.”

Ángela has been one of the most decisive players in the history of the training teams, but her arrival at a call-up with the Absolute took longer to arrive than could be expected. “I always kept working and in recent years I have surrounded myself with people who really love me and who have helped me to be here”.

I cannot be remembered for what I have done in lower categories because at a professional level my career is much more important”, adds the player, who is very proud to be on this Road to the Future Tour, but who is very clear about her next challenge: staying with the team for a long time.

Salvadores is a born attacker. “What I like is that they give me the ball and from there create both for myself and for the rest”. “The race will not always go well, but if you continue with a clear path, everything will come”, sentence.