178 teams in the three categories complete a pyramid of FEB Men’s Club Leagues that continues to grow in stability, quality and competitiveness. The arrival of Marc Gasol and Movistar Estudiantes have also given new impetus to the LEB Oro.

18 teams in the LEB Gold, 28 in the LEB Silver and 132 in the EBA League. In total, 178 teams -7 more than in the 2019-20 season- that complete a pyramid of FEB men’s club leagues that continues to grow in quality, competitiveness and interest. And that it has achieved the necessary stability to host the best projects, including the agreement with the ACB to overcome the difficulties caused by the pandemic last season.

The agreement promoted by the FEB five years ago by which promotions to the Endesa League were unlocked has been fundamental in the global development of the Leagues since then. And this season it has increased its prestige and media reach with the arrival of Mac Gasol and the participation of the historic Movistar Estudiantes.

The presence of Marc Gasol with his Girona Basketball jersey after closing his brilliant career with the National Team in Tokyo and putting an end to his no less successful career in the NBA, has revolutionized Girona and the League. And the response of student fans to the category is also setting an era.

“The LEB Oro is a League with difficult circumstances many times, but the communication of the FEB with the clubs helps it to grow and be stable,” the president of the FEB, Jorge Garbajosa, recently declared. Having a brand like Estudiantes, like Marc Gasol, with other clubs like Granada with a very important project, A Coruña, the growth of Oviedo … There are a series of impacts that give you very good feelings and make LEB Oro more and more present among the fans, not only locally but even globally ”.

Another of the great novelties of the LEB Oro 2021-22 is the recovery of a ‘final four’ as the end of the season, with the second place of promotion at stake.

The LEB Plata and the EBA League press from behind, completing a structure that has proven to be optimal for the development and growth of clubs, players, coaches and referees. In short: a pyramid that year after year covers all the expectations of competition and promotion.

Much has also had to do with the decisive boost that the FEB has given to the live broadcasts of the matches on various platforms.

Only the LEB Oro concluded last season with more than 270 games and 500 live hours, the entire league on LaLiga Sports. And the LEB Plata, also in full through Canal FEB.

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