The summary of the season of the Alega Cantabria Group of … Pablo Albisu

Pablo Albisu dedicates a few words evaluating the closure of the 2020/21 season that came to an end yesterday.


“I have tried to transmit quite a few things to the Technical Corps and to my colleagues, and in short it is pure gratitude for the year I have lived. I am eternally grateful to Torrelavega, the city, you, for counting on me, for giving me a unique opportunity.

It has been the best year in basketball because on a personal level I have matured a lot, on a sporting level I have improved a lot, the truth is that it has been a year with many positive things, many nice, incredible people, and I take me to the city of Torrelavega in the heart.

It is a city that lives basketball intensely, the Aldeanos have seemed impressive to me, but not only the Aldeanos, but the fans in general, how they have been supporting us when they could not come to see us, always on Social Networks, sending messages of support.

Eternally grateful for the opportunity. It has been a difficult year at a difficult sporting level because I have had few minutes and few opportunities to demonstrate. But I also knew where I was coming from, I never expected to play in LEB Plata in my life, and I accumulate the points that I have scored. Very satisfied and very happy with how you have taken care of me, how basketball has treated me.

I hope this story can continue, and if not, I will come to Torrelavega to see you, to share new stories and support you as one more. Many thanks to the Staff for everything they do for the team, for what they contribute. If there is any word that I want to capture in the summary of the year, it is absolute gratitude on the part of “twenty-two”. Gratitude towards the staff, coaching staff, fans, city of Torrelavega, City Council, Sponsors, Councilor and all those who have been helping “.

Pablo Albisu.

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