The Sur-Aspasia Real Valladolid Clinic begins the second phase of the LEB Oro against CB Almansa with Afanion (Sunday, 12.00) and will do so with the public in the stands. After two and a half months of games behind closed doors in Pisuerga, the Blanquivoleta will once again have their fans in a decisive stretch of the competition, which is why they launch the season ticket campaign for the final stretch of the season. Under the motto ‘We are back together’, the Valladolid Club seeks to add more support and qualify for the playoffs and be promoted to the ACB League.

In this second phase, Clínica Sur-Aspasia will fight to be among the seven best in the Qualifying Group and the five teams from Group B will be measured: CB Almansa with Afanion, Covirán Granada, HLA Alicante, TAU Castelló and Palmer Alma Mediterránea Palm. The campaign, in this way, includes the five league matches that are played against these rivals at the Pisuerga Sports Center.

The prices to be paid are as follows:

General (18-64 years): 60 euros
Squirrel (7-17 years): 25 euros
Mini Squirrel (0-6 years): 8 euros
Senior (over 65 years): 48 euros

Fans interested in registering can do so from now on at the following link: In addition, for any questions or queries you can contact through the following telephone number (678 478 745) and email (