Dzanan Musa opens as December Movistar MVP after averaging 27.3 points, 7 rebounds, 5.3 assists and an average PIR of 34 in this month.

The player of the Breogán River Dzanan Musa end the year 2021 in a big way, dressing up as MVP Movistar for December after averaging 34 PIR in the four games he played with Lugo’s squad during the month of December, with a balance for his team of three wins and one loss. is the first time in which the Bosnian manages to be awarded as the best of a month since he landed in the Endesa League, although he was already able to become the Player of the Day 1.

His brilliant December started off on the wrong foot, with a defeat at the Surne Bilbao Basket. Despite the disappointment, that day Dzanan ended up with 25 points, with 8/8 shooting from two, 7/10 shooting of two and a single triple of eight attempted, compensating that statistic with 8 assists, 5 rebounds, 6 fouls received and 25 PIR in 32 minutes and 9 seconds on track.

He then became the Breoganist leader again, with 26 points in victory against MoraBanc Andorrain a clash in which he added a 8/12 on free throws, 3/7 on two-pointers and 4/6 on 3-pointersin addition to 6 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block, 6 fouls received and a PIR of 28 at 29:37.

Your biggest day to storm the Fonteta

Your biggest day in December and in Liga Endesa he reserved it for Valencian lands. On Matchday 14 stormed La Fonteta with 33 points (9/9 from free throws, 6/8 from twos, 4/7 from triples), 10 rebounds, 4 assists, 3 recoveries, 6 fouls received and a PIR of 44 at 36:36 on the floor, with a victory for Río Breogán with him as the total hero.

muse put the icing to its excellent month with a new exhibition, this one in front of the Urbas Fuenlabradaagainst which it reached PIR of 39 in 36:46 thanks to 25 points (4/4 free throws, 6/9 twos and 3/5 triples), 7 rebounds, 6 assists, 4 recoveries and 6 fouls received in another win from Lugo.

Some stratospheric averages

In total, the Bosnian has averaged 27.3 points (87.9% in free throws, 64.7% in shots from two and 46.2% in triples, going from 1/8 in the first game of the month to 11/18 from 6.75 in the three previous duels ), 7 rebounds, 5.3 assists, 2 recoveries and a PIR of 34 in 33 minutes and 47 seconds per act.

With a +18 for Río Breogán in the Over/Under December with him on track and a -10 with him on the benchthe current leader of the Endesa League in points (18.9) and PIR (20.8) the month ended without lowering the 25 points in any matchstretching a very sweet moment in a way that ended up dressing him in December Movistar MVP. Unstoppable Muse!