TAU CASTELLÓ: Alvarado, Sabaté (5), Hermanson (17), Stutz (11), Rozitis (14) – starting five -; Faner (3), Roig (2), Torres, López (5), Hook (4), Hernández (6) and Sikiras (16).

VALENCIA BC: Ferrando (15), Bellver (7), Vila (3), Navarro, Hierrezuelo (9) – starting five -; Jiménez (15), De Larrea, D. Rivas (10), A. Rivas (10) and Bressan (2).

REFEREES: José Francisco Zafra, Mikel Cañigueral and Daniel Cervantes.

PARTIAL: 11-18, 30-18, 36-31, 46-40 (rest); 61-47, 68-59, 76-67 and 82-72 (end of match).

INCIDENTS: Match corresponding to the ninth edition of the Castellón Provincial Council Trophy, Lexus Cup, held in the La Bosca de Burriana pavilion, whose stands were almost entirely occupied. The game started 10 minutes late when one of the rings broke during warm-up.

The taronja team sold their defeat dearly, since they never gave up, so Toni Ten’s disciples had a good touchstone for the next return to the competition in LEB Oro after last weekend’s break.

In the opening bars, the Castellón made use of their physical superiority to score in positions close to the basket. From the perimeter, Hermanson and a short while later the youth squad Pedro López, who was playing in his hometown, got on the car, who hit a triple home mark. For its part, the Taronja subsidiary, despite going below the scoreboard, did not let themselves be intimidated and with an aggressive defense they did not allow those of La Plana to have a great income and they did not lose face to the game. The work of the visiting base Ferrando stood out, who contributed annotation and good direction from his teammates. Despite not being a league game, both contenders were working hard, so the rhythm of the clash was being high, which resulted in a high score at the end of the first quarter (30-18).

The Valencians came out in the following period with even more ambition, pressing on defense throughout the court. They stole several balls and forced Toni Ten to request a time-out when the difference was reduced (36-31, min. 14). There were few ideas at that time in the TAU Castelló, which was maintained almost exclusively by the contribution of Sikiras in the vicinity of the board. Thus the things, the locals took out their heavy artillery and Hermanson and Stutz agreed on the track. The visitor’s comeback was close, but it was close during the final stretch of this second quarter, reaching the break with 46-42 in the light. The truth is that the drop in the offensive flow of Castellón was very noticeable.

To avoid shocks, in the resumption Toni Ten put on the parquet a hard and hard working quintet in defense with Faner, Hook and Sabaté pressing on the outside. This bet was noticed, resulting in a 15-5 run in just over 4 minutes. Stutz, who was having a rather discreet performance, was beginning to look like the one on great occasions, Rozitis also took advantage of her height to hurt and the little ones were squeezing beautifully. Valencia overcame this slap and the difference was significantly reduced. He applied what had worked for him: maximum aggressiveness to steal balls and let himself be led by the talented Ferrando. In this way, the taronja team did not have everything lost when the third quarter ended (68-59).

The Valencians kept trying to surprise them by winning the match, but despite their generous effort, they were not accompanied by the success in the triples, which was a major problem in reaching their goal. TAU Castelló was not fine in the final stretch of the crash, but it was enough for him to have a good defensive tone to stay ahead in the electronic, although with income that did not allow him to relax in the least. The minutes passed and the victory of those from the capital of La Plana was consolidated, which finally occurred with the presence of the homegrown players Pedro López, Joel Sabaté, José Torres and Andrés Roig on the track.