The event was attended by the president of Luis García, who was in charge of making the official presentation, as well as the first coach Toni Ten, his assistant Frederic Castelló and the new physical trainer Javier Cavilla. In addition to the protagonists, members of the board of directors and representatives of TAU Cerámica have also attended.

Luis García opened the event with the satisfaction of announcing that for the sixteenth consecutive season Toni Ten will be the team’s coach, “we started a very exciting new project and logically we have to start the house with the foundations. And what better way to start with our technicians who are going to try to make the best possible team with the means we have. I am very satisfied that Toni with sixteen seasons, Fede with nine seasons and Javi with his first season in the team are still at the club ”.

Undoubtedly, it is not usual and one of the keys to the success and growth of the club is the fact that Toni Ten continues to be the first coach, although the challenges are increasingly difficult as the coach from Onda explained, “the ambitious challenge is to maintain to the team above. They are 16 years old but the objectives are changing, the reality of the club and the people are changing but always taking steps. This is the first year that we have said from the beginning that we want to be among the top teams ”.

Despite not having his faithful squire Juanjo Luis this season, Ten has wanted to praise the work of his assistants and teamwork, “we are a working group with shared responsibilities and it will surely go well.”

Ten also spoke about the configuration of the squad in which he already has Juan García and Edu Durán, since both had a contract for next season. And he wants to prioritize in the renovations of Joan Faner, Joel Sabaté, Oscar Alvarado and Kai Edwards. These are the first objectives of the tile technician, objectives in which they are going to put to work already from the sports management of the club.

For his part, Frederic Castelló was very grateful for its renovation, “I want to thank the club for the effort made to be able to professionalize myself a little more and continue working on what I like the most. Thank Toni’s trust because without her trust I wouldn’t be here. Very excited and to follow what I already consider the club of my life ”. El de la Vall will complete his ninth season as assistant coach Ten and this year for the first time, with exclusive dedication to the first team, which is why he will leave the leadership of the EBA league team.

The novelty within the coaching staff is Javi Cavilla, who until now had been a physical trainer for the quarry, a task that he combined last season with the physical preparation of CB Benicarló in the LEB Plata league. Javi was satisfied with the opportunity, “I want to thank the club and Toni and Fede for the trust they have placed in me to take on this challenge. I was part of the club from 6 to 18 years old and then I returned as a physical trainer for the quarry. We hope to have a good season this year as well ”.

Thus, with the presentation of the coaching staff, the starting gun of the 2021-2022 season is given, a season that will also begin with the season ticket campaign that, in the words of Luis García, “we are finalizing details and will begin shortly”.