The TAU Castelló has presented the pants that all the club’s players wear this year as part of the game kit together with their sponsors Ibertic and Valfortec.


Both Ibertic and Valfortec were already collaborating with the club in other seasons but this year they wanted to take a further step in their commitment to sponsoring the tile club. Luis García stressed the importance of both agreements, “it is very important for us that two leading brands in their sectors such as Valfortec and Ibertic bet on us in such a clear way.”

The union between TAU Castelló and Valfortec already has a long history, since practically since the tilemakers managed to be promoted to LEB Plata, the company chaired by Fidel Roig, they showed their unconditional support. Everything seems to indicate that their paths will remain united for a long time.

The Castellón-based photovoltaic energy promotion firm is actively present in countries such as Japan, Chile or the United Kingdom, without forgetting the domestic market itself. The vast majority of the plants to be executed imminently are located in the provinces of Castellón, Valencia and Huelva.
In Valfortec they are also specialists in photovoltaic solar self-consumption and two years ago a specific division was established to manage this type of infrastructure characterized by being much smaller than solar farms. The team already has extensive experience in the execution of all possible types of self-consumption: domestic or residential, industrial and agricultural.

It should be noted that Valfortec accumulates to its credit the installation of more than 100 MW of solar power and has a promising projection of more than 500 MW. In this way, Valfortec has been positioned for years as a benchmark in the renewable sector.

For its part, IBERTIC is the local OPERATOR for Castellón and for Castellón. The telecommunications company specializes in bringing broadband Internet to small and medium-sized areas, in addition to Internet access, it offers fixed and mobile telephone services.
Our activity began in 2011 and during these years it has positioned itself as a benchmark company in telecommunications in the province, deploying the largest network of Wifi Points in the province of Castellón reaching 135 municipalities.

As its manager Santiago Maicas told us “IBERTIC is not only the Internet, Fiber and Mobile provider, we are undoubtedly one of the main connectivity providers for recreational, sporting and social events in the province (FIB, Rototom, TAU Basket, ILLA Volleyball, Tennis Circuit, Paddle Tour) and we offer connectivity and security solutions to both SMEs and large companies. We keep our customers connected “

The event was attended by the president of the TAU Castelló Luis García, the heads of Ibertic Santiago Maicas and Oscar Pinto, and the representatives of Valfortec.

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