The TAU Castelló begins tomorrow the seventh preseason in LEB Oro. The tilemakers will start tomorrow with the aim of returning to make a great campaign like last season in which fifth place was achieved, being the best classification in history of the club. That is why the Castellón players have tried to keep the majority of the block and have incorporated important pieces, the inner game being the one that has had to reinforce the most after the unexpected departure of Juan García.

Eric Stutz, Davis Rozitis, Jorge Bilbao have been chosen to accompany Kai Edwards in the painting. Ten wanted to put muscle, youth and talent on the outside line with the arrival of Pablo Hernández and the Swedish international David Höök. To these we must add the American Calvin Hermanson with an extraordinary scoring and defense ability. All of them new pieces that added to the “killer” Edu Durán, the courage of Joel Sabté and the fantastic team leadership of Oscar Alvarado and Joan Faner make TAU Castelló a team made to dream.
Tomorrow at 9 o’clock the season will officially begin for all of them although Stutz and Hermanson will start later as they are at the expense of receiving the visas to be able to come from the USA.

The season ticket campaign continues

The first official league match for TAU Castelló will begin on October 8 at the Ciutat de Castelló, so the season ticket campaign will continue until that week. Fans who want to support the tile team this year can get their season ticket by going to the club’s offices in the Ciutat de Castelló pavilion from Monday to Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
It can also be done online directly through the club’s website