On May 27, the first tournament of the third edition of the Herbalife 3×3 Series will begin at the El Campello Open. And it will do so with the new prize policy, increasing the amounts and the number of prize-winning teams. Always with the same figures for male and female category.


Good news continues for the Herbalife 3×3 Series. In this third edition there will be more teams that will receive cash prizes, and in greater quantity. The winner of each of the Open Tournaments (El Campello, Murcia, Marbella and Zaragoza are the four confirmed to date) will win 2,400 euros. The second classified will get 1,600 while the two teams that lose the semifinals will win 800 euros. The figures are the same for male and female category.

FEB and Madison, organizers of the Herbalife 3×3 Series Tournament, have also wanted to motivate the participating teams with a prize of 400 euros for the teams classified for the quarterfinals (from 5th to 8th).

These prizes will be increased in the Final Master of Barcelona. The twelve best classified of the Open Tournaments will fight for the last title of the season with spectacular prizes of 4,000 euros for the first classified; 2,000 for the second and 1,000 for the third and fourth.

In addition, it is maintained that the overall winner of the Herbalife 3×3 Series in the men’s category will play one of the FIBA ??3×3 World Tour tournaments, the world’s star 3×3 basketball competition.

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