ANDhe Joventut got up after falling in the last second 48 hours earlier on the Obradoiro track and achieved a prestigious triumph against Baskonia (72-61), one of those that lift the spirits and confidence of any team.

The Baskonians, who did not have Rokas Giedraitis – at Penya Brandon Paul did not play due to injury -, were lost at the Olimpic, lacking direction and success from long distance and totally surpassed by the local inside game. The five points scored in the second quarter speak for themselves.

Brodziansky, Tomic and Willis scored 47 points of the 72 of the locals and were far superior under the hoops, where Penya added 18 more rebounds than their rival. The green-black defense on the Baskonista perimeter, which only added seven triples from 26 attempts, was also key to their undeniable triumph.

The green and black were superior from start to finish, with Tomic unstoppable in attack, especially in the second quarter, and Willis and Brodziansky scoring at the start of the game to give their team comfortable advantages in the first quarter (18-11, min. 8).

Baskonia trusted everything to triple in the first quarter and did not explore their possibilities within the zone until Enoch entered the court. Ivanovic’s men recovered to tighten the score at the end of the first quarter (20-19), but the reaction was not over.

Ante Tomic led Penya’s takeoff with seven almost consecutive points (29-22, min. 15) at the start of the second quarter and Guillem Vives took over to take the locals to a maximum advantage of thirteen points (35-22 , min. 18). Baskonia lost more balls (7) than points scored (5) and went to halftime down eleven (35-24).

Tomic and Willis teamed up at the beginning of the third quarter to add eleven points between the two that led the locals to their maximum difference (45-30, min 24). Baskonia reacted in defense and Sedekerskis and Fontecchio appeared in attack to tighten the score (47-37, min. 27).

Baskonia failed clear triples and Penya reacted with two consecutive by Ribas and Brodziansky that launched Badalona’s men towards a new maximum difference (55-39, min. 29).

With Brodziansky very successful in attack, Penya always kept the advantage above ten points and every time Baskonia tried to cross that barrier (62-51, min. 34) the locals took another step in defense to prevent it.

Pep Busquets, who had many minutes in the absence of Brandon Paul, sentenced the game with five consecutive points in the absence of just over four minutes (69-51, min. 38). Wade Baldwin IV took advantage of the so-called garbage minutes to go up to 23 points, although they were of little use to his team.

– Data sheet:

72. Joventut Badalona (20 + 15 + 20 + 17): Vives (8), Ventura (-), Busquets (7), Willis (15), Tomic (15) -starting team-, Ribas (6), Brodziansky (17), Feliz (-), Birgander (2), Parra (2), Maronka (-) and Helmanis (-).

61. Baskonia (19 + 5 + 18 + 19): Baldwin (23), Kurucs (3), Fontecchio (4), Sedekerskis (9), Nnoko (4) -starting team-, Marinkovic (2), Granger (6), Enoch (5), Costello (5) and Cissoko (-).

Referees: Pérez Pizarro, Zamorano and Martínez. Without eliminated.

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of the Endesa League played at the Palau Olímpic de Badalona in front of 2,600 spectators.