The Trinidad Alfonso Foundation continues to implement formulas to contribute to the reactivation and recovery of the different agents that make up the sports ecosystem of the Valencian Community. A few days ago the second call for the Activate Teams program was closed with the aim of promoting clubs in the Valencian Community with teams that are active in the first or second categories of their respective sports.

In this program, which is included within the global project #EActivateSport, a total of 39 different clubs participate in this edition, five more than last year. In total, 1.4 million euros per year that Juan Roig will allocate from his personal assets pursuing the following objectives:

1. Avoid the disappearance of top-level clubs after the foreseeable lack of sponsorships
2. Provide the clubs with tools that allow them to obtain more resources in order to be economically sustainable over time.
3. Obtain representation of teams from the Valencian Community in the main national leagues.

The final aid assigned to each club has been determined from the total budget of each of them and a series of variable parameters, such as the level of league in which they participate, the number of athletes in the base, the number of athletes in both genders, the presence of Valencians, or the recruitment of private sponsorships, among others. Eleven of these 39 clubs will play this season in the highest category of their sport.

The number of sports to which these teams belong are seven: basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby, skating, hockey and water polo.

“The program was born a year ago with the intention of mitigating the effect of the serious economic crisis derived from the Covid-19 pandemic and preventing, due to it, the Valencian Community teams that were active in the first two national divisions from losing Competitive potential, either because of the flight of its best players, or because of the decrease in advertising and sponsorship income that can be derived from this crisis. But our president, Juan Roig, did not want it to be a one-off and isolated aid, but rather wanted to help build something more solid, which is why this action was expected to last over time. We are very satisfied with this second edition due to the increase in both Valencian clubs and teams in the elite of their respective sports. We hope to continue growing, listening to the clubs and that these finalist grants will be useful and help to continue building the Community of Sports that we want ”, explains Juan Miguel Gómez, director of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation.

The president of Elche Handball, Juan José Ávila, referred to what this aid means for his club: “I want to thank the support received from the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation during these 2 difficult years. The previous season, when the pandemic appeared, the club, like the companies in our environment, was involved in a whirlwind of events and economic difficulties that put our continuity at risk. Fortunately, the transcendental help of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation arose that allowed us to face the expenses of a very atypical season in which we achieved our greatest sporting success by winning the SM La Reina Cup, a success that we share with the Foundation ”.

For the Valencia Volleyball Club, in the words of its president, Hipólito García, “We began a new season in the top men’s category of national volleyball and in the second national division with our women’s team, and we do it for the second season with the support of the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation. Sport in general and minority sport in particular, seems only visible when sporting successes are achieved and this is only possible when you have the necessary resources to achieve them. The Foundation was the first to support us in our work when we were germinating our project, which now seems to be a reality, and without its commitment it would have become a chimera. If today we can fight with the best, it is undoubtedly thanks to the Foundation that puts our club and our sport in the place that I have always believed it deserves.

For his part, the president of the Tau Castelló de Baloncesto, Luis García Sainz, who is one of the new clubs that join this program, indicated that being part of Activate Equipos “is to take another step, not only in sports growth but also in the social field, where belonging to the Comunitat de l’Esport is to share values ??with other sports disciplines and other important clubs in the Valencian Community. Within the objective of promoting basketball and instilling the values ??it represents, belonging to the program has given us a boost and the possibility of reaching more children and young people in the province of Castellón ”.

Likewise, the president of the Lucentum Foundation, Antonio Gallego, stated that “Joining the Sports Community is great news for the Lucentum Foundation since the Trinidad Alfonso Foundation is the institution that is supporting the most the sport in the Community and we fully agree on the values ??we transmit, so we are very proud of this collaboration, which we hope will be the first of many. “