The non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain has been in charge of preparing these awards that will be presented to the best quintet in the competition on June 27, coinciding with the end of the championship.

The main novelty of these awards is that its manufacture is 100% Valencian. The material used comes from the glass recycled by the Valencians, glass that has served to give life to these unique trophies manufactured by the Valencian artisan and glass designer, Sara Sorribes, from Vidrio Sorribes.

Another aspect that makes it special is its Mediterranean character, and that is that the best players of the EuroBasket will also take, in that trophy, a piece of Valencia in the form of sand from Malvarrosa beach placed at the base of the cup .
Regarding the technique used, Sara Sorribes stressed that “each and every one of the pieces that make up the trophy are cut, sanded and glued by hand, which makes these artisan elaborations unique ”.

This initiative, which is part of the campaign “Recycle glass, 100% successful”, Launched together with the Spanish Basketball Federation and in collaboration with the Generalitat Valenciana, the Valencia City Council and the Valencia Provincial Council, it joins other actions launched by Ecovidrio to promote the recycling of glass containers during the celebration of the EuroBasket.

On the one hand, the entity has placed in the Valencia Town Hall Square the largest container in the world, 8 meters high, which bears the colors of the women’s basketball team and which has become an emblem to highlight the importance of recycling glass containers in the fight against climate change and the transition to a circular economy.

Another initiative has been the location of twelve igloos in the shape of basketballs distributed in different parts of the city. Specifically, these original pieces can be found in the Fonteta area, the pavilion where the championship will be held; in the City of Arts and Sciences, in front of the Reina Sofía Palace of the Arts; at the Palau de la Música; in the Paseo de la Alameda; on Serrería avenue; in the avenue of the Port; on the Gran Vía Marqués del Turia and at different points in the city center such as the Estación del Norte; the Colón Market; Colón Street, Cirilo Amorós and Plaza América.

With all these actions, from Ecovidrio it is intended to value the qualities that recycling and sport have in common, such as commitment, responsibility, effort and above all, teamwork.

Glass recycling data in Valencia

According to the latest data for 2020, the inhabitants of Valencia recycled a total of 13,136,550 kilograms of glass containers, which means that each inhabitant recycled an average of 16.4 kg.

Regarding the containerization rate, Valencia has an average of 294 inhabitants per container, with a total of 2,719 igloos for glass container waste installed.

Environmental benefits of recycling glass container waste in Valencia

During 2020, Valencians have continued to become aware of the importance of caring for the environment. Thus, the recycling of glass containers has been, for yet another year, a perfect example of a circular economy model, also supporting the 2030 Agenda and up to six Sustainable Development Goals. Specifically, during the past year, thanks to glass recycling, it has been achieved:

· Avoid the emission of 7,618 tons of CO2, an amount equivalent to taking 3,557 cars off the road for one year.
· Avoid the extraction of 15,763 tons of raw materials (sand, soda and limestone), more than 1.5 times the weight of the Eiffel Tower.
· Save 9,831 MWh of energy.

About Ecovidrio

Ecovidrio is the non-profit entity in charge of managing the recycling of glass container waste in Spain. In 1997, after the approval of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Law in 1997 and the start of its operations in 1998, it became the managing entity of a recycling model that guarantees a complete service and to which all citizens have access. . In terms of financing, 8,000 packaging companies make possible, with their contribution through the green dot, the recycling system.

Ecovidrio’s work stands out for guaranteeing high-quality recycling through the container, enhancing the containerization and collection infrastructures, investing in plans and resources aimed at increasing the recycling of glass containers in the hospitality industry, mobilizing citizens through awareness campaigns and promoting prevention and eco-design of packaging.

In the last two decades the Ecovidrio system has allowed the exponential growth of the recycling rate, going from 31.3% in 2000 to 76.8% in 2018, according to the latest official data from the Ministry for Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge (MITERD).

The recycling of glass containers is a fundamental element to contribute to sustainable development, promote the transition towards the circular economy and fight against climate change. In addition, the recycling of glass containers is an activity that supports the fulfillment of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, specifically, it redounds on the objectives (11) Sustainable cities and communities, (12) Responsible production and consumption and (13) Climate action.