ANDhe of Artem Pustovyi is one of the faces of the sport in Ukraine. At the beginning of the invasion of his country by the Russian army, the image of him with an anti-war message written on his face went viral before being measured at Spain with his team in a match of the FIBA Windows. Now the pivot of the Gran Canaria29 years old and 2.18 meters tall, tells how he lives these complicated days that his country suffers.

“I try to stay strong. It’s a very tough situation for all the Ukrainian people. To the people of Ukraine I want to tell them to be strong, I hope this ends soon and we can live in peace. That the children can go out and play and feel safe”says the player, who gives “the thanks to the people who are supporting Ukraine. To those who are helping us, to those who send material to civilians, to those who send money, to those who send everything. Thank you for this support.”

Pustovyi, moreover, is found only in the palms. His wife and his children left a few days ago to Serbianso basketball is his only way to disconnect of the reality of the war: “Right now, is helping me stay more or less positivenot to come down too far.” His teammates, he says, are a great support.

the center born in Kyiv hopes that the war will not continue for much longer, although he considers that it is essential for that “That the Russians open their eyes and can see what is happening”. And he remembers when everything was different: “We don’t want this war, we lived very calmly and we were fine. We supported each other. Our children could play in peace, women and men could go out. Now everyone is afraid to go out . I just want us to have peace and love”.