Tto consummate the descent of the Movistar Students to the LEB Gold (Already waiting, of course, for it to be made official), there is a word that strikes the spirits of every fan of the collegiate club: disappearance. For a few years and due to the financial problems of the team, that word has always been linked to its future when there was also talk of a possible descent. Now that this descent into hell seems more real than ever, the risk of a possible disappearance is also very present.

A couple of seasons ago, in an interview in MARCA with Guillermo García, the team president, Fernando Galindo placeholder image, has already undertaken that possible reality and although he ruled out the disappearance of the entity, he did speak of the enormous difficulties they would have without the help of the first team: “Without the first team as a reference, we would no longer be the same. It would not be understood the same. I believe that the institution as a whole is in danger. Would we disappear? No, but without the first team it is difficult, “Galindo said then.

The interview was conducted at the end of 2019. Then the pandemic had not yet hit basketball clubs and the Estu was already plagued by debts. The situation today is worse for all that the teams have had to endure in the fight against the coronavirus and without an audience in the stands. Above, Estudiantes, next year in LEB, will lose television rights for being in the Endesa League.

The Estudiantes have succumbed to a terrible season. Drowned by debts and sportingly in a deep coma, he only has to reinvent himself in LEB to try to avoid what everyone fears right now: disappearance of one of the three teams (Real Madrid and Joventut are the other two) that, until today, had played in all the Spanish leagues since 1957. If the Estu leaves, much of the history of our basketball will go with it.