ANDl Unicaja does not advance in its planning for the next season. The Los Guindos team has punctured the bone in their first attempts at movements in the transfer market. The decision to play in the FIBA ??Champions has had consequences for a Unicaja that is no longer a favorite destination for players. This is what has happened with two of Malaga’s goals at the start of the summer. Darius Thompson and Artem Pustovyi have given pumpkins to the proposals of the typewriter club. The reason is that they prefer to play in the Eurocup to do it in the FIBA ??competition. A complicated stick for a Unicaja who wants to reinvent himself for the next course.

With Thompson there was a lot of optimism for his arrival. The base had given a first yes to Unicaja’s proposal. In the club offices they took his arrival for granted, but Lokomotiv Kuban has gotten in the way. The Russian offer makes it impossible for Unicaja to consider competing with Lokomotiv for the player. The salary that the Russian team offers is much higher than the best offer that Unicaja can make. In Los Guindos they consider the point guard for lost, who will sign two seasons with the Krasnodar team, and will now look for their plan B.

The second option for which Unicaja had accelerated was Pustovyi. The Ukrainian center has not yet signed for any team. After being cut by FC Barcelona, ??Unicaja got down to work to try to sign the player. But this is a battle that is also lost in Malaga. Herbalife Gran Canaria has taken the lead, as reported by La Opinion de Málaga, and in Los Guindos they believe that they will not be able to compete for the player either. The Eurocup, the competition that the Canaries will play this year, weighs more than the FIBA ??Champions League. Unicaja is realizing it. It is the main reason, along with the economic one, for the pumpkins that the Malaga team is taking this June.

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