LThe departure of Eduardo García from the presidency of Unicaja has shown how far the crisis in the basketball section reaches. Because as soon as its goodbye was known in the middle of the season, it has been known, as Sur has advanced, that Unicaja Banco will have to cover the entire budget of more than 8 million euros of the Los Guindos group.

The pandemic has generated a very significant income deficit for the Unicaja Banking Foundation, chaired by Braulio Medel. And this provided half the budget. Faced with this situation, they already communicated in the last Board of Directors to the president of the bank, Manuel Azuaga, their inability to cover his part. And that of the next campaign seems to be that either, since the income it receives will go to alleviate the deficit of the Foundation itself.

So for 21/22, it will also be the bank that has to cover the entire budget. Therefore, a budget reduction in Unicaja that would threaten its competitiveness and even the survival of the women’s section cannot be ruled out. What does seem guaranteed is the commitment to the quarry. There is no other and more now that there will be, surely, cuts.